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Bubble Gum is a legendary and award-winning sativa dominant cannabis strain that has achieved worldwide fame. An evenly balanced hybrid, Guru Seeds Bubble Gum is a former two times cannabis cups winner with an outstanding pedigree amongst famed strain types. 

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Bubble Gum Strain Genetics

With a wholesome name like Bubble Gum, it’s no surprise that these cannabis genetics come from the American heartland, Indiana USA. Developed in the 1970s, Bubble gum strains made their way through the US and hopped the pond all the way to the Netherlands.

Available in both regular cannabis seeds and feminized cannabis seeds, Bubble Gum’s feminized seeds took many generations of breeding to stabilize, and its parent cannabis genetics are unknown. Considered a balanced hybrid cannabis that gives effects distinctive to both indica strains and sativa strains, these quick flowering seeds have an above-average THC level (15 to 20%) with negligible CBD.

Bubble Gum Strain Terpene Profile

The Bubblegum strain lives up to its worldwide reputation, with a delightful bubble gum taste and intense aromas of candy, flowers and berries. Bubble Gum’s terpene profile is dominated by pinene, caryophyllene and myrcene.

Pinene smells and tastes of herbs, pepper and of course pine. Caryophyllene provides a complex aroma of wood, pepper and herbs. Myrcene gives the bubblegum strain its dank, earthy heart and helps generate that sweet bubble gum taste.

Bubble Gum Strain Effects

Known for its uplifting and euphoric high, pinene enables this perky and social strain. A well-balanced hybrid, this marijuana seed provides the best effects of both indica strains and sativa strains. 

Displaying creative and energetic qualities, also thanks to pinene, the sweet smell may help shift any lingering thoughts to a more positive outlook. Indeed, Bubble Gum’s sweet smell and euphoric high gained worldwide recognition by claiming several Cannabis Cup awards in the mid-’90s.  

Coming home to its indica roots, myrcene induces relaxation and is said to increase appetite. Staying true to its balanced composition, Bubble Gum’s caryophyllene terpenes can lift mood while simultaneously reducing anxiety

Medical Benefits of Bubble Gum Strain

Shown to be particularly useful for patients suffering from chronic pain, the myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes are responsible for producing a powerful relaxant for both body and mind.  

When used as medical marijuana, Bubblegum seeds can help with chronic pain, muscle spasms, and reduced appetite. Helping with mental wellbeing, Bubble Gum’s pinene terpenes create euphoric mood-boosting effects that can provide relief from anxiety, stress and depression. Myrcene helps to produce a gentle comedown, meaning this medical cannabis strain with an average THC level can ease you into a solid night’s sleep.

How to Grow Bubble Gum Seeds

Easy to grow, these quick flowering seeds grow to a medium-size that still produces maximum yield. Indeed, these high yielding seeds are easy to grow indoors as well as outside. 

Being particularly sensitive to moisture and not the most mould resistant seeds, it may be best to grow bubblegum indoors, or in a sheltered and dry area outdoors. 

Equally happy in soil or hydroponic environments and easy to cultivate for an experienced grower. bubblegum seeds are well suited for SOG. Be sure to give time to flush the nutrients and build up this fast flowering type’s smell and iconic flavour. Consider increasing phosphorus levels for denser buds on these high yielding seeds. 

Generally reaching a medium height, this cannabis cup winner is a fast flowering type (8-10 weeks). And thanks to its strong genetics, bubble gum clones well, which keeps your production going virtually uninterrupted. 

How to Grow Bubble Gum Auto-flowering Seeds

While regular cannabis seeds and feminized seeds are a bit more difficult to grow, the auto-flowering cannabis seeds of the bubblegum strain are much less work.

The moment the autoflower seed splits open, these plants are on their own schedule. Progressing through its life cycle regardless of the light-dark cycle, the auto-flowering seeds don’t require a 12-12 light schedule to activate their flowering time.

The auto version can still grow to their normal height and width and produce a high yield. Similar to photoperiod plants, consider flushing Bubblegum feminized plants in the last week or two of its flowering time, when the pistil hairs turn from white to orange.