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Gak Smoovie x Melon Ringz

by Dank Terpenes

A highly potent, indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain from Dank Terpenes, Gooie is notable for its beautiful buds. The deep purple buds decorated with bright orange pistils are gorgeous to look at and deliver a buzz you’ll never forget!

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Gooie Strain Genetics

The parent strains of this Dank Terpenes hybrid, Gak Smoovie (GAK x 4 Locoz) and Melon Ringz (Peach Ringz x Watermelon Zkittlez), may not be familiar to the casual cannaisseur. However, once you start to look into the ancestors of these cannabis seeds, things get very interesting indeed!

The family tree of this marijuana strain includes G13, AK-47, Hindu Kush, OG Kush, Zkittlez, White Rhino, Jack Herer, and Eddy OG. Of course, any strain descended from so many Cannabis Cup winners is bound to impress, and Gooie boasts a high THC level (well over 20%) that would make all those strains proud!

Gooie Strain Terpene Profile

The dominant flavours of Gooie are sweet and fruity on exhale and pungent and gassy on the inhale. This classic yet unique blend of tastes comes from a host of different terpenes, most notably the fruity, citrusy hints of limonene and the diesel-tinged spice of caryophyllene

As always with Dank Terpenes strains, that’s only the beginning of the story, though, with several other cannabis terpenes adding a variety of delectable undertones to both the flavour and the aroma of this Gak Smoovie x Melon Ringz strain. Pinene adds a dash of pine, while floral notes come from linalool. That old-school, skunk-like herbal tingle on exhale is given by myrcene, while humulene adds a hoppy aftertaste.

Gooie Strain Effects

One of the most potent strains from this creator, the THC content is exceptionally high with Dank Terpenes Gooie. This can result in a solid case of couchlock pretty swiftly after you first try it, and you don’t need to pack it in to get that effect. A little goes a long old way here!

A strain ideally suited for when you want to kick back and relax, a euphoric head high should lend itself well to giggle fits, making you good company for the few hours you’re awake. Following that, expect the heavy uplifting head high to create a drowsy, relaxed sensation that lends itself nicely to a long night’s sleep. If you can, turn the alarm off for the morning, and enjoy the purest of rest!

Gooie Strain Medical Benefits

The possible medical marijuana benefits of Gooie cannabis seeds are reminiscent of its genetic background, especially when it comes to the support of stress and anxiety symptoms. Whether due to related conditions or short-term catalysts, stress-related issues could be softened by the cannabinoids and terpenes in this high potency strain.

Additionally, the blend of terps (especially caryophyllene, which binds to receptors in the endocannabinoid system) may work alongside the THC levels to provide medical marijuana properties to alleviate the symptoms of migraines and other chronic pain conditions.

How to Grow Gooie Strain Seeds

The cannabis plants created from these marijuana seeds can grow tall, so indoor growers should ensure there’s a good amount of space. Trimming will help here, and trellising is also recommended to assume the heavy buds that grow further up don’t cause the stems to snap. Following a flowering time of around eight or nine weeks from germination, you’ll be greeted by large, pinecone-shaped, deep purple cannabis flowers dotted across the plants, with buds providing hints of pink and orange under crystal trichomes to create a stunning visual.

Outdoor growers should use a greenhouse, if possible, but very warm and dry Mediterranean climates will do here too, as these plants do not enjoy the rain! As long as you regularly check for mould and mildew and keep your plants happy as they grow, these Gooie seeds will reward you with a massive yield of high-quality nugs.