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Melonade x Moonbow #75

by Archive Seeds

The headline strain from the Archive Seed Bank’s new Moonbow Collection, Melon Fizz, is a sweet-as-they-come indica-dominant hybrid. This Zkittlez-rich cannabis strain has a flavour profile that’ll make your mouth water and a THC level that’ll make your head spin!

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Melon Fizz Strain Genetics

No prizes for guessing that, as part of the collection that bears its name, Moonbow looms large in the genetic background of this marijuana strain. The Zkittlez and Do-Si-Dos cross brings all the fruity flavours it’s known for, as well as a potent THC content its famous parents would be proud of.

Joining Moonbow in the Cali connection parentage of these Melon Fizz cannabis seeds is Melonade, another Zkittlez descendent that blends the mouthwatering Watermelon Zkittlez with Lemon Tree to produce a tangy treat for the tongue. Matching Moonbow’s THC level of around 20%, the genes passed down result in an even higher content for Melon Fizz, which could reach up to 25% in some cases.

Melon Fizz Strain Terpene Profile

Fruity, tangy, and sweet, Melon Fizz lives up to its name thanks to the epic flavour profile provided on both inhale and exhale. On the way in, it’s the sour melon tinge that dominates the flavour, with an added sweetness that makes everything smooth, while the exhale brings a pungent, herbal scented aroma that perfectly offsets that zesty vibe.

The tastes and smells that create the immense sensory experience this marijuana strain brings are thanks to the abundance of the three primary terpenes, limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. As can be expected from this combination, the flavours are classic here, but the dominance of limonene ensures you’ll notice that citrus tang above all else.

Melon Fizz Strain Effects

Want a high THC content fem cannabis strain that’ll put a smile on your face without that wobbly sativa heavy feeling in your legs? Well, you’ve hit paydirt with these Melonade x Moonbow #75 cannabis seeds. Despite its potency, the effects of this strain are more focused on the mind than they are on the body, and while there is a sense of relaxation, it doesn’t dominate.

Instead, the main takeaway you will have from this fast-acting cannabis is a feeling of happiness that can border on euphoria and maintaining for a long time. If you start your Melon Fizz experience in the early evening, maybe as you sit down after work and wind down, you might find yourself giggling heartily until bedtime!

Melon Fizz Strain Medical Benefits

With such a mood-enhancing buzz, it’s no surprise that some users have reported a reduction in depression and stress symptoms as a result of Melon Fizz. It isn’t just that the THC helps with relaxing the mind; although that helps, it’s the potentially uplifting effects of the terps, too!

The medical marijuana genetics of this Archive Seed company, especially those passed down from Granddad Zkittlez, may also aid in the alleviation of anxiety, as the balance in mood should aid in settling the mind and creating a general feeling of contentedness with the world!

How to Grow Melon Fizz Strain Seeds

Both parent strains of these feminized seeds (autoflowering and regular seeds not yet available) are known for their densely packed buds, and that’s what you can expect here, too, with an indoor yield of 650gr/m2 improved on further by 1,100gr per plant when grown outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Fast flowering times can be anticipated across the board from these female seeds, 8-9 weeks from germination when grown inside, and an abundant outdoor harvest ready to go in late September, with the lightly coloured buds wearing crystal trichomes like a gentle sprinkling of sugar, releasing that dank, tangy, fruity smell that is repeated on the exhale once your batch is ready!