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Grape Ape x Grapefruit

by Big Head Seeds

A welcome addition to the Marijuana Grow Shop collection,  Zkittelz feminized cannabis seeds are one of the most popular choices in seed banks across the globe. This candy-flavoured hybrid delight offers indica-dominant genetics with evenly balanced effects. Medium-strength and mellow on the mind, this easy to grow, fast flowering strain is perfect for novice growers with a sweet tooth.

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Zkittlez Strain Genetics

With diverse characteristics, this indica-leading, cannabis cup-winner inherits traits from the fruity Grapefruit, a strain bred for its sweet and sour citrus tang. Subtle qualities inherited from Grape Ape, another strain valued for its fruity taste, add further complexity to its flavour profile, and a calming effect to balance its cerebral intensity.

Zkittlez combines the award-winning genetics of both of these parent cannabis seeds to yield a mouthwatering and multifaceted cannabis hybrid with low growing difficulty and fast flowering time.

Zkittlez Strain Terpene Profile

Like its candy namesake, Zkittlez feminized marijuana seeds are bursting with delicious fruity flavours, but without any need for any artificial additives. Grape Ape’s influence is especially strong and accents of mango and juicy grape are punctuated by a sharp citrus aftertaste, while a herbal fragrance and notes of berry assault the olfactory senses. 

Caused by a complex mix of caryophyllene, myrcene, and humulene, with linalool terpenes offering floral notes, prepare to taste the rainbow with this sweet and sour flavoured cannabis strain!

Zkittelz Strain Effects

Despite its indica-dominant genetics, Zkittlez cannabis strain seeds are best known for its sativa-typical high. Users should expect a mentally-focused experience from this award-winning cannabis strain. While its uplifting effects can induce happiness and heightened sensory perception, these qualities are paired with a relaxing sensation that calms the body while leaving the mind active.

A THC level of 15-18% means this medium to high THC strain can be enjoyed at any time of the day; its mellow impact making it an ideal starter for newcomers to the world of cannabis.

Zkittlez Strain Medical Benefits

For medical cannabis users, one of the main medical benefits of Zkittlez feminized seeds is to help manage both stress and depression. Thanks to Zkittlez’s body high, it can help to relax the body while allowing you to remain mentally focused enough to continue with a productive day.

While its stimulating effects can lend focus to those with attention deficit disorders, anxious patients may benefit from its calming influence. These stress-busting properties are enhanced by linalool – a compound also found in lavender – which is thought to promote relaxation.

Caryophyllene and humulene terpenes, also present in high levels within medical cannabis seeds, are known for their anti-inflammatory and painkilling potential. As such, Zkittelz can provide a temporary respite to those suffering from chronic pain and physical discomfort.

How to Grow Zkittlez Seeds

Only recently available as feminized seeds, this variety of easy to grow cannabis seeds tends to exhibit similar qualities to its Grapefruit parent plant making it ideal for novice cultivators.

With a plant height of around 2m, a short flowering time of 7-8 weeks allows for multiple harvests in quick succession, making these marijuana seeds suitable for those looking to maximise their turnover. Indoor growers can expect a decent yield of 350-500 gr/m2,

Its chunky buds bursting in shades of green and dusted with sugary trichomes and a thick coating of orange hairs, the plant’s colours are beautiful to behold and perfectly complement its sweetshop aesthetic. Those looking to bring out its vibrant purple hues should consider exposing their crops to colder temperatures just before flowering begins