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Face-Off x Girl Scout Cookies

by Big Head Seeds

With legendary Californian genetics, Do-Si-Dos (also known as Dos Si Dos) is a soothing indica-dominant delight from Big Head Seeds. With an immense THC level pushing as high as 30%, this impressive, quick flowering hybrid (available as feminized seeds only) is not to be missed!

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Do-Si-Dos Strain Genetics

Do-Si-Dos female seeds from Big Head Cannabis Seeds have some seriously popular mother strains, with the pungent Face-Off OG (one of OG Kush’s favourite children) on one side, and California classic and multi-time cup winner Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) on the other. You expect an intense and elite strain with high such THC strains in the genetics, but somehow Do-Si-Dos surpasses even those lofty expectations with its uber-powerful kick.

The Cookies and Kush strain combination in the genetics of these feminized seeds has made this cannabis strain a popular parent too, spawning several indica strains of its own, including High Five and Citrus Rush.

Do-Si-Dos Strain Terpene Profile

The flavours and scents of Do-Si-Dos are very citrus-heavy, more so than either GSC or Face Off OG or even OG Kush, but the parent strains do show their influence in the aromas and tastes that sit just under the surface and create a full flavour explosion.

These smells and tastes come via the terpene profile of these cannabis seeds, with limonene being the dominant terpene, and providing that strong citrus scent that carries a significant distance.

Additionally, the presence of caryophyllene adds some spice to proceedings, and also combining with the herbal terpene, myrcene, provides an earthy, almost minty taste that grounds the lemon flavours from these marijuana seeds that otherwise could prove somewhat overpowering.

Do-Si-Dos Strain Effects

With such a high THC level (as high as 30%), it is no surprise that Do-Si-Dos packs a truly hefty punch, a quick-acting, and long-lasting herbal uppercut that takes the whole body with it into a euphoric state of blissful relaxation that will leave you wondering where your night disappeared. 

This cannabis strain is an evening smoke if there ever was one, with the potent effects of a dose of Do-Si-Dos trickling gently throughout the body until you find yourself lovingly attached to your sofa and ready for a night of deep and prolonged restfulness. 

Do-Si-Dos Strain Medical Benefits

The terpene profile of Dosidos feminized seeds, along with the high THC level present in this cannabis strain, results in medical marijuana potential for the relief of stress-related issues like anxiety and depression. This is due in part to the high limonene content, a popular anti-anxiety ingredient in herbal medicine.

Myrcene is thought to regulate terpenes and cannabinoids, potentially enhancing their effects, which may also aid THC and caryophyllene, which are believed to assist with relief for chronic pain, giving this marijuana strain a ton of possible medical cannabis properties.

How to Grow Do-Si-Dos Strain Seeds

Much like the high THC strains in its genetic backdrop, Do-Si-Dos feminized marijuana seeds have a low grow difficulty, making them suitable for those with less cannabis growing experience. 

With a fast flowering time, Do-Si-Dos will be ready to harvest in just nine weeks and much like the indica strains in their heritage, the plants of these feminised seeds don’t require too much attention apart from some occasional pruning. However, this will only be necessary if they grow too leafy and start to dominate your grow room.

Outdoor growth is pretty straightforward with this rapid flowering type; Indeed, these cannabis seeds will develop into resilient plants that can handle most mild to warm climates and deal with occasional rainfall.

Outdoor gardeners can expect a high yielding crop to be ready to go in late September. When ready, the bright, crystal-coated resinous buds and exotic, citrus smells will let you know quickly why this elite strain is a Marijuana Grow Shop seeds bank favourite.