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Chocolope x Cannalope Haze

by Absolute Seeds

Absolute Seeds got creative with Chocolope, breeding in a second round of one parent to create a strain of rare dankness: Chocolute F2. Originating from Mexican and Thai landrace strains, Chocolute F2’s exotic seeds are moderately easy to grow, have a short flowering stage and produce an average-to-high yield of dense sativa-dominant buds.

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Chocolute F2 Strain Genetics

Chocolute F2 regular seeds are an innovative new strain bred by Absolute Seeds. These next-level seeds of life started with Chocolope, a cross of Cannalope Haze and Chocolate Thai, developed by DNA Genetics in the 1980s. 

Cannalope Haze originates from heritage landrace Mexican and Haze strains, both known in the world of seeds as easy to grow classic sativas. The original Chocolate Thai is a legendary landrace strain from its namesake of Thailand.

Initially popular with strain hunters in the U.S. during the 1960s as “Thai sticks,” the flowering stage produced spindly buds and was renowned for being a heady high and tasty chocolate trip.

Cannalope Haze was soon bred with original Chocolate Thai cannabis seeds and gave rise to the now famed medical marijuana genetics of Chocolope. Absolute Seeds bred Chocolope clones with another round of Cannalope Haze, creating the next generation Chocolute F2 marijuana seeds. This new F2 cross strain of truly elite seeds packs a punch by averaging 20% THC or higher and is heavily sativa-dominant.

Chocolute F2 Strain Terpene Profile

Chocolute F2’s exotic seeds produce buds potent with sweet and earthy aromas owing to the dank genetics of its tropical and chocolatey heritage. The terpenes myrcene and caryophyllene give Chocolute F2 its peppery notes and subtle flavour of coffee. Pinene, as this terpene’s name reflects, creates a refreshing essence of pine. Altogether, the terpenes in Chocolute F2 absolute cannabis seeds combine to create a rare dankness that will send your senses on a chocolate trip. 

Chocolute F2 Strain Effects

Chocolute F2 regular seeds come from strong landrace sativa genetics and provide the powerful cerebral effects expected from medical marijuana genetics. Heady and dreamy, the pinene found in Chocolute F2’s elite seeds may stoke your energy and inspire creativity. Energetic and uplifting, she will put your mind at ease, bringing happiness and even euphoria. The myrcene terpenes give her a dreamy disposition, so consider enjoying it later in the day or when you have some quality time to yourself.

Medical Benefits of Chocolute F2 Strain

Chocolute F2 Absolute cannabis seeds may not have the CBD levels of other medical seeds, but its unique marijuana genetics can help to reduce symptoms of pain. Known as powerful painkillers, the myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes may also help those with chronic pain conditions. 

The uplifting pinene terpene in this Chocolute F2 regular may relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression by shifting mental focus and providing feelings of euphoria and peace. By putting the mind and body at ease, Chocolute F2 marijuana seeds may help beat fatigue and aid in a good night’s sleep.

How to Grow Chocolute F2 Seeds

Keep Chocolute F2’s sativa DNA genetics in mind when considering growing these potent cannabis seeds. Suitable to grow indoors and outdoors, these F2 cross regular seeds will grow tall and fast. Taking after her Chocolope genetics, Chocolute F2 has fewer leaves, a short flowering stage and moderate to high yield. By harvest time, strain hunters will be salivating at its exquisite fragrance and giddy with her generous stores of resin.

Experienced growers who are looking for something unique in the world of seeds will appreciate growing Chocolute F2 absolute cannabis seeds. These regular, also known as non-feminised, seeds of life ultimately yield one of a kind buds and cuttings. By harvest time the buds are dense with a high level of THC. If choosing to breed Chocolute F2 elite seeds, its crossings will produce highly heterogeneous and varied offspring.