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Kosher Kush

by Vision Seeds

Rumour has it that Kosher strains originally got their name after a Rabbi blessed the very first plant. Whether the legend is true is unknown, but we can be sure that this cannabis strain from seeds company Vision Seeds is a delicate balance of potency and pain relief. For many, Vision Kosher is the holy grail among cannabis super strains.

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Vision Kosher Genetics

Vision Seeds certainly know what they’re doing – Creating an indica dominant cannabis strain born from Kosher Kush, a legendary cup winner, having won the High Times Cannabis Cup’s Best Indica award for two consecutive years back in 2010 and 2011. When we say Vision Kosher is powerful, we mean it, with DNA genetics from OG Kush helping to ensure the THC level in these dank seeds sits comfortably around the 20% mark.

Strain hunters seeking something pretty? Well as the name suggests, these Vision Kosher seeds produce visually stunning plants with strikingly bright green leaves, juxtaposed with a pale, frosty white trim. That beautiful frosting is Vision Kosher’s signature, as this cannabis strain wears a sticky layer of resin like a thick winter coat, forming after a relatively short flowering time.

Vision Kosher Terpene Profile

As is typical with many indica dominant strains, myrcene plays the leading role in Vision Kosher, with this cannabis strain kicking out a pungent yet pleasant earthiness. Supporting roles come from limonene, providing fruity notes and caryophyllene to round off these sweet seeds with a subtle spiciness.

Vision Seeds have ensured that although the aromas present in Vision Kosher are all very different, they work in tandem to give an earthy and fruitful dimension that feels effortlessly natural. On the palate, some consumers have likened this rich earthy cannabis strain to freshly cut grass.

Vision Kosher Effects

As mentioned above, Vision Kosher is potent, so strain hunters looking for strength rejoice, but beginners, please proceed with caution. Although you may experience a strong cerebral buzz with this particular cannabis strain, this will soon give way to a deep mellow calm.

These delicious seeds produce a truly tasty plant, and as an indica dominant strain, Vision Kosher is best enjoyed in the evening.

Vision Kosher Medical Benefits

Due to a high THC content, Vision Kosher’s long functional high promises to blast away a myriad of issues both mental and physical, eventually guiding you into a sound and peaceful sleep, qualifying them as impressive medical seeds in their own right.

The strong sedative effect of myrcene from these exotic seeds results in pronounced relaxation, with many doctors and researchers recommending this particular terpene for conditions such as insomnia, restlessness and varying forms of anxiety

How to Grow Vision Kosher

Being the child of revered cup winner Kosher Kush means Vision Kosher is an easy to grow cannabis strain in just about any scenario, soil hydro, indoors or out. It’s worth noting that these seeds love the SCROG method while hydro growers can also follow the SOG method.

Indoor flowering time for Vision Kosher cannabis seeds is approximately 9 – 10 weeks and should provide a generous yield of around 600g per m2 (often more) – thank you Vision Seeds.