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by Reserva Privada

Kosher Kush is one of DNA Genetics’ strongest and most awarded pure indica strains in the Reserva Privada series. With soaring THC-levels and a strong sedative effect, this whopper is not for the faint-hearted.

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Kosher Kush Strain Genetics

DNA Genetics’ prized phenotype of the original Los Angeles Kosher Kush strain has won many awards between 2010 and 2011. One prominent feature that amazed judges, was the staggering high THC-levels, which are said to reach an impressive 20% or more.

Kosher Kush Strain Terpene Profile

Kosher Kush honours its Kush heritage with its flavour and aroma. The potent herbal and spicy scent has a distinct hash-like quality that ties in well with the earthy, woody undertone and a hint of fresh lemons and flowers.               

Kosher Kush Strain Effects

Be prepared to be glued to the couch with this one! It hits hard, and it hits fast, with an immediate muscle relaxing and the mind-numbing body-stoned effect that will sweep you off your feet and lets you forget your troubles.       

Medical Benefits Kosher Kush Strain 

Kosher Kush is a popular strain for medicinal use because of its high THC-level. If you are looking to combat severe muscle tension or chronic pain, than Kosher Kush is the way to go. Besides that, you might consider this strain if you have trouble sleeping or struggling with lack of appetite.

How to Grow Kosher Kush Strain 

Other than in warm and dry climates, it is best to cultivate Kosher Kush indoors. It produces the best yield when provided with generous amounts of nutrients and needs to be pinched or trimmed regularly to check its height. Besides that, Kosher Kush is an easy plant to start your growing practices but hard to master as an expert. Once mastered though, it provides enormous yields of extremely thick and massive buds with a frosty white coat of sticky trichomes.