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Lambs Breath x AK-49

by Vision Seeds

A potent powerhouse not for the faint-hearted, Lambs Breath x AK 49, by renowned seeds company Vision Seeds, is a fiercely commanding cannabis strain, guaranteed to blast away any ill-feeling, taking you from under the weather, to high above the clouds and beyond. 

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Lambs Breath x AK-49 Strain Genetics

In super strains like this one, often one part of the lineage can seemingly nullify the other, but in this case, they each carry equal weight, making this strain a force to be reckoned with.

Lambs Breath itself (sometimes referred to as Lambsbread) is a lusciously green, sticky sativa dominant strain, originating from the exotic seeds of Jamaica. Rumour has it that even Bob Marley was partial to partaking in a slice of this genius genealogy. 

AK-49 however, is a level up from its predecessor, the famed cup winner, AK-47. Stronger in both power and potency, Vision Seeds designed AK-49 specifically to produce a harder hitting, longer-lasting high – a mission this seeds company has well and truly accomplished with this potent hybrid sativa cannabis strain.

Lambs Breath x AK-49 Strain Terpene Profile

Cheesy strain hunters rejoice, as although Lambs Breath x AK-49 is an acquired taste, these dank seeds produce plants sure to kick out nose-wrinkling aromas of pungent dairy delight. 

The terpenes found within ‘cheesy’ tasting strains are a complex combination, and as a result, do make the yield from these delicious seeds somewhat moreish. And although this one doesn’t have cheese directly in its name, Lambs Breath’s rare dankness more than hits all the desired criteria a Cheesy pheno finder is looking for.

When these cannabis seeds reach their peak, an earthy herbal undertone is also at play due to the myrcene content of Lambs Breath. This is accented with a subtle hint of spice thanks to the peppery presence of caryophyllene, with a whisper of limonene adding a slightly tart tone.

Lambs Breath x AK-49 Strain Effects

This sativa isn’t for the fainthearted strain hunters. Be sure to mind your dose and reap the rewards of these potent seeds in an environment in which you are comfortable. But don’t let the potency put you off, set the scene right and let the good times roll.

Typical characteristics derived from this sativa seed means that day time use is possible, so keep your cool and allow the fruits of these exotic seeds to uplift you like no other. Almost like unlocking a bonus level to your own psyche, to say these cannabis seeds are a terrific mood booster would be an understatement. 

This really is a high octane sativa seed, known to push the THC level well over the 20% mark, giving it the power to invigorate even the most lethargic cannabis connoisseur. The CBD level is negligible here at less than 1%.

Medical Benefits Lambs Breath x AK-49 Strain

From a medical marijuana perspective, Lambs Breath x AK-49’s high THC level has therapeutic potential. Thanks to the general potency afforded by these elite seeds, any agitation subsides quickly, giving way to an almost instant feeling of cheeriness, gradually escalating to giddy, euphoric heights. As such, these could be the perfect medical seeds for helping combat conditions such as depression and chronic stress.

If you are struggling to find your motivation, a little Lambs Breath x AK49 medical marijuana will put you into an almost ethereal state where everything is interesting again.

Allow these cannabis seeds to free up some space and find yourself on a fresh new wavelength where creativity is no longer stifled by mental clutter. It’s also been suggested that these delicious seeds may also help to boost libido. 

How to Grow Lambs Breath x AK-49 Strain 

Cultivated both indoors and out, Vision Seeds Lamb’s Breath x AK 49 is expected to flower around the 8-9 week mark. When this happens, prepare for some theatrics, as the seeds produce dense green buds which transform into beautiful burning orange, thanks to the emergence of almost glowing trichomes.

These will soon be punctuated with flecks of vivid green, finishing off its rare dankness with a generous sprinkling of glittering resin. A true garden of green for any passionate pheno-finder.

Expect some incredibly generous yields from Lamb’s Breath x AK 49. These elite seeds have a potential to grow to a plant height of between 75 and 190 cm, weighing in at around 650 g per m2 for indoor crops and as much as 900 g per m2 outdoors.