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OG Kush x SAGE

by T.H. Seeds

American West Coast genetics of OG Kush combined with S.A.G.E. to create an excellent sativa-leaning hybrid with energizing and uplifting effects. 

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Kushage Strain Genetics

Kushage is the offspring of two cannabis legends, OG Kush and S.A.G.E. (Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium). The combination of these two excellent strains yields a well-balanced, sativa-leaning hybrid with a euphoric and relaxing effect.

Kushage Strain Terpene Profile 

Smoking Kushage is like walking around a Californian forest on a warm day. The scent of pine, Sandalwood, earth, and citrus fills the air after one toke. A slight aftertaste of sage is a pleasant, somewhat pungent surprise, making Kushage a delight to smoke.

Kushage Strain Effects

Both OG Kush and SAGE are known to be some of the most uplifting and euphoric strains out there, and Kushage is no different. You’ll feel a surge of energy that’ll make you feel slightly tingly without feeling too body-stoned or couch-locked. Kushage delivers an excellent, euphoric high with heightened senses and a clear mind.

Kushage Strain Medical Benefits

As a euphoric, uplifting strain, Kushage’s potential benefits for depression sufferers are promising. Mental stress and unhappiness are banished with her powerful head-buzz and positive, uplifting effect. Kushage may also help relax individuals with sore muscles due to her tingly, calming effect. Her potency and positivity should not be overlooked for their potential medical benefits.

How to Grow Kushage Strain 

Kushage prefers to be grown indoors in a SCROG set up with hydroponics, which will produce the highest yield. If possible, grow Kushage outdoors in plenty of nutrient-rich soil with direct sunshine because she will produce the most vibrant flavours that way. She’ll grow quite tall, so be prepared when she begins to flower. After around 10-12 weeks you’ll see long, orange hairs and plenty of fuzz. Careful not to overdo it with nutrients because Kushage will grow rapidly and things can get out of hand quickly in a smaller growing space.