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Afghani #1 x Big Sur Holy

by T.H. Seeds

T.H. Seeds has produced a perfect 50/50 hybrid that reveals the best indica and sativa traits of cannabis. S.A.G.E is for those looking for a perfect balance. It has a powerful focused high, which will transform anyone into the modern philosopher after just a few pulls of a joint. Expect true hybrid vigor; this strain boasts the best of both sides of the cannabis spectrum.

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S.A.G.E Genetics

S.A.G.E stands for Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium, meaning it is a perfect blend of indica and sativa. The breeders at T.H. Seeds have crossed an Afghani indica with Big Sur Holy, a sativa strain, resulting in this first generation hybrid masterpiece. S.A.G.E is Adam Dunn’s (cannabis entrepreneur, founder of T.H. Seeds and Hemp Tailors) favorite strain, and he has persistently smoked it for over 25 years.

S.A.G.E Effects

The high is a subtle blend of indica and sativa effects, which will balance out into a motivated, highly focused and calm state of being. The physical effects are highly enjoyable, as an enjoyable relaxation takes over the body without reaching the feeling of heavy legs or tiredness. Those looking for a daytime smoke that can be incorporated into a busy day will appreciate S.A.G.E’s charm.

S.A.G.E Terpene Profile

The flavor and aroma of S.A.G.E are simultaneously earthy, peppery and spicy. Upon inhaling mellow citrus notes are underlined by an overall muskiness while hints of sandalwood linger on the finish. Meanwhile, an earthier, licorice depth is sometimes present on the exhale. S.A.G.E is a great strain for indica lovers who appreciate that profound herbal richness.

Medical Benefits S.A.G.E

SAGE is a great medicinal strain for a wide variety of uses. Use SAGE as a measured way to combat fatigue, chronic stress of both body and soul, and ease tense muscles or aching joints.

How to Grow S.A.G.E

S.A.G.E directly grown from feminized seeds will grow medium-tall and flowers in 10-12 weeks. As a 50/50 mix of indica and sativa genetic it produces incredibly well with Sea of Green and SCROG methods. Although, its sativa traits do shine through in terms of size so this hybrid may be better suited for growers with some experience. When flowering, S.A.G.E’s buds will grow large and dense, especially during the final two weeks of the blooming period. Outdoors, S.A.G.E performs very well, however, is recommended to growers with longer summers.