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Big Skung Korean x Super Skunk x Afghani #1 x Hawaiian

by Soma Seeds

Rockbud, a versatile indica hybrid that delivers a high bud density and relaxing buzz sure to satisfy all smokers, despite their level of experience.

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Rockbud Genetics

Rockbud is an indica mixture four-way crossed with Afghan-Hawaiian, Big Skunk Korean, and Super Skunk. The name is sourced from its resinous, dense rock-shaped buds that provide amazing flavor and medicinal properties without much challenge to grow for the beginner.

Rockbud Effects

 This is not a wake-and-bake strain and from a recreational standpoint, it shouldn’t be reserved for the beginning of the day. Rockbud is great for end of day use when unwinding before bedtime. It has been described as a strain that induces a sedative, cerebral buzz accompanied by a physically relaxing body-high that can bring on sleep and even hunger, especially for those with lower tolerances.

Rockbud Terpene Profile

It has all of the tastes most loved by users – florals, skunkiness, pungency, and earthy spiciness with an aroma that heightens when smoked, which is expected from a top-shelf indica.

Medical Benefits Rockbud

Indica strains with Afghani genetics have a reputation for their high cannabinoid contents, and this is why Rockbud is said to be effective at relieving stress, insomnia, and anxiety. When consumed, it can ease the mind to a restful state when you need something to calm racing thoughts and also may be useful in helping with appetite loss and chronic pain for those needing swift relief without the couchlock effects typical of indica varieties.

How to Grow Rockbud

 Naturally resistant to pests, Rockbud is compact and short to medium in stature, making it perfect for outdoor cultivation if discretion is needed for growers. During flowering, the plant is a fast bloomer and offers moderate yields individually covered in frosty trichomes and amber leaves as it matures; a cannabis quality very unlikely to disappoint.