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Hash Plant-13 x G13 Haze x Lavender strain

by Soma Seeds

A dreamy 80/20 sativa-dominant strain with high levels of THC, a pleasantly balanced high and impressive hash producing capabilities that’s ideal for ice-o-lators and other lovely extracts. Soma Seeds will have you wondering whether you’ve died and gone to Hash Heaven.

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Hash Heaven Strain Genetics

Soma had his Hash loving buddies in mind when he crossed the indica-dominant Hash Plant-13 with sativa-dominant G-13 Haze and his very own Lavender strain. What are you left with? Hash Plant-13’s hashish producing capabilities and indica relaxation, G-13 Haze’s uplifting high, and the added touch of Lavender’s fragrance.

Hash Heaven Strain Terpene Profile

Hash Heaven terpene profile carries itself on a pungent, aromatic cloud of exotic spiciness, a touch of musk and earthy depth. A few tokes and you’re treated to a sharp, hashish-like taste with subtle, background hints of floral goodness. Hash Heaven’s distinct flavour does linger, so fans of fragrant strains can really savour this one.

Hash Heaven Strain Effects

With genetics like Hash Heaven’s, it’s not surprising she’s a strong strain. The effects creep up slowly before the full-force of her high THC levels sink in. Once there, deep indica body-relaxation and sativa cerebral-invigoration synchronize in a dreamy unison. Long-lasting, powerful, and initially uplifting; Hash Heaven’s high encourages mindful presence and awakens the senses, before taking you off to little-bo-peep (sleep). With traits like these, you can see why Hash Heaven is suggested to be the perfect strain to enjoy a rainy afternoon with your lover.

Medical Benefits Hash Heaven Strain

Hash Heaven’s high THC levels and muscle-relaxing effects have been reported to help alleviate pain and spasms.

Meanwhile, its typically sativa dominance can -in some cases-provide the cerebral stimulation required to focus the mind on the present moment. This could be helpful for those suffering from stress, symptoms of ADD/ADHD, or those struggling to switch-off of an evening to get some sleep.

How to Grow Hash Heaven Strain

If you’re interested in growing your slice of Hash Heaven you’ll need to (in the words of Otis Redding) try a little tenderness. A fan of warmer, semi-tropical climates, Hash Heaven is a strain best grown indoors in cooler climates but be warned; she’s a tall one. For this reason, Soma suggests super-cropping to direct branches and improve the number of top buds.

Her growing cycle from start to finish takes around 12-13 weeks but give her some extra time and she will thank you with sticky, resinous buds perfect for making ice-o-lator hash or pressed hash oils.