Buy G13 Haze seeds G13 x Hawaiian

by Barneys Farm

G13, the alleged Government strain from America, meets Hawaii’s most exceptional sativa. G13 Haze produces pleasing yields of strong flowers. A well-regarded hybrid and a favorite in Amsterdam’s coffeeshops.  

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G13 Haze Strain Genetics

While the origin of the G13 strain has been shrouded in mystery for over 50 years, its excellent genetics are well known. And it’s for this reason that this indica has been used as a breeding template ever since. In this case, the breeders at Barney’s Farm crossed G13 with a Hawaiian landrace, creating the compact sativa-dominant G13 Haze.

G13 Haze Strain Terpene Profile

G13 Haze has an aroma of musky, earthy spices and a sour lemon edge. Meanwhile, its flavour is an alluring balance of sweet and savoury, with initial floral, minty and citrus notes and a smooth pepper aftertaste. A unique tasting experience for cannaisseurs looking for something beyond the traditional citrus-pine of typical Haze varieties.

G13 Haze Strain Effects

G13 Haze has a mood-lifting effect typical of a sativa. Its Hawaiian sativa heritage brings a long-lasting, energetic and social high that can promote focus and creativity. Meanwhile, its indica genetics from G13 are more subtle, providing a pleasant degree of calm and relaxation. Cannaisseurs enjoy G13 Haze’s happy and alert high best during the day. 

Medical Benefits G13 Haze Strain

G13 Haze’s uplifting, cerebral effects may provide medicinal benefits to those suffering from low-moods, lack of energy or stress. G13 Haze can also help reduce nausea and headaches making the user feel more balanced. Those managing ADD/ADHD may also find G13  useful in lower doses thanks to its ability to improve focus. 

How to Grow G13 Haze Strain

G13 Haze will grow to a medium height of 120cm and will stretch substantially during flowering. Its multiple thin side branches and a top central cola make it an ideal strain for plant training.

If treated well, this sativa-dominant delight will produce abundant yields of dense, sticky flowers. Its buds will typically grow tall as the calyx stack up and become glazed with resin. The strain performs well outdoors, especially in warmer climates, making it well suited to those living in the Mediterranean region.