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G13 x Hawaiian

by Barneys Farm

From our good friends at legendary Dutch seed breeders Barneys Farm, G13 Haze is a world-acclaimed indica-dominant hybrid strain that boasts a parental lineage that includes one of cannabis most famous flowers, the mythical, G13.

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G13 Haze Strain Genetics

One of the most popular strains of Barneys Farm, G13 Haze is the result of a crossing between two legendary strains – A Hawaiian sativa Haze and the infamous G13. 

According to legend, The CIA and the FBI concocted the now world-famous G13 strain from a collection of other highly potent strains in the 1960s. After years of trial and error, a super-secret sub-group of the two agencies were said to have finally perfected their creation before it was stolen and re-produced for the masses. 

Whether the legend is true or not is debatable, however, there can be little debate regarding both the potency and popularity of its child, this now legendary marijuana cultivar, G13 Haze, a winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2007.

G13 Haze Strain Terpene Profile

While the origins of the legendary G13 remain something of a mystery, cannabinoid and terpene analysis of this strain have revealed the presence of 3 primary terpenes – Myrcene, humulene, and most abundant, caryophyllene.

This blend of terpenes gives G13 Haze its somewhat sweet aroma that when ground, offers a tantalisingly fruity scent. Once burned, that scent becomes somewhat skunky, with the blending of aromas leaving a sweet earthiness in the air. 

When consumed, a sweet, fruity, experience with undertones of a spicy tang helps to distinguish this marijuana strain and provides consumers with an unforgettable cannabis experience truly worth savouring. 

G13 Haze Strain Effects

This highly potent strain offers intense and well-balanced, fast-acting effects that begin with a burst of uplifting euphoria before descending into a delightful body high that can cause a pleasant tingly sensation. 

Offering high THC levels, this hybrid is undoubtedly powerful and can leave the less experienced consumer feeling physically sedated thanks to the indica-dominance in its genetics. Indeed, whether you are experienced or not, this potent powerhouse is probably best reserved for the evening or when your schedule is lighter than a feather. 

However, given its exceptional potency and long-lasting effects, this legendary cultivar is probably not the best choice for those new to cannabis, but experienced consumers will surely revel in its perfectly balanced combination of cerebral high euphoric invigoration and physical relaxation. 

Medical Benefits G13 Haze Strain

Thanks to its ability to treat several different conditions, G13 Haze has established itself as a popular choice of medical marijuana.

Cannabinoid analysis has revealed that caryophyllene is the most abundant terpene present in this strain and because of its ability to bind with CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that coupled with the high THC levels, can help to relieve both physical pain while also offering relief in areas of mental health. 

How to Grow G13 Haze Strain

Available in both regular and feminised marijuana seeds, the G13 Haze cannabis strain performs well when grown outdoors, especially in warmer climates, making it an ideal choice for those living in the Mediterranean region.

G13 Haze cannabis seeds will grow to a medium height of 120cm and will stretch substantially during the flowering period. Its multiple thin side branches and a top central cola make it an ideal strain for plant training like SOG or SCROG.

With a flowering time of around 11 weeks from germination (when grown indoors), G13 Haze is relatively easy to grow and rewards growers with an above-average yield approaching 500gr/m2 of delicious, rock-hard nugs, glistening with glimmering trichomes.