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White Russian x OG Kush

by Serious Seeds

White Russian x OG Kush, brought together to create some Serious Kush. Serious Seeds increased the OG’s yield and combined it with the additional potency of White Russian. The resulting indica-dominant strain flowers quickly and produces a high that is potent and flavorsome in equal measure.

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Serious Kush Genetics

This White Russian x OG Kush cross offers a smorgasbord of delights to cannabis enthusiasts. In Serious Kush’s lineage, you will find some Brazilian Sativa landrace, South Indian Indica, and mellow AK47. Then you have the heavy and deeply contented effects of the OG Kush parent to boot.

Serious Kush Effects

You may sometimes get a blast of sativa like headiness from Serious Kush strain, but it won’t last long. Most of the bud has that hammer-like heaviness of a good, strong indica resulting in a deep, long-lasting, blissed out body high. Though an exact cannabinoid profile is not available, the ‘stoniness’ of this strain will even surprise experienced cannabis lovers.

Serious Kush Terpene Profile

That lovely musky kush smell is very much present in Serious Kush strain, a little less diesel than parent OG. A full-bodied spice flavour dominates and lasts for a pleasantly long time. Delish.

Medical Benefits Serious Kush

Popular among medical users for the deep indica effects, Serious Kush may be helpful for pain management, unwinding and relieving stress. Strongly sedative, she may give you couch-lock or munchies but for patients looking for relief from conditions that induce weight loss, fatigue, sleeplessness or anxiety, she is a gift from plant heaven.

How to Grow Serious Kush

Dark and dank buds, covered in White Russian-like crystals, in fact, you’ll see frost everywhere. These plants are good indoors, not growing too tall, branches are well spaced and well laden, usually with one massive central cola and lots of resin. Quick seed to harvest time.