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White Widow x AK 47

by Serious Seeds

While “The Dude” was drinking White Russians all day, there is a good chance he was smoking White Russian as well. Who can blame him? This all-day bud will keep you calm and creative in any situation, even kidnapping.

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White Russian Genetics

Serious Seeds from the Netherlands created White Russian by crossing the legendary strain AK-47 with the equally famous White Widow. In the mid-’90s this strain, with an average THC-level of 22%, was one of the strongest strains in the world. Oh, the good old days…

White Russian Terpene Profile

With a classic strain like this, comes a classic flavour and aroma. Who isn’t a fan of the all too familiar sweet, spicy and herbal scent of damp earth and pinewood?

White Russian Effects

White Russian is a favourite strain among creative types like writers and designers. It will come to no surprise to hear that White Russian stimulates creative thought while it energizes and uplifts the mind and mood.  

Medical Benefits White Russian

The relatively high THC content that comes with White Russian makes it ideal for pain management. It also can help manage symptoms associated with mental and mood disorders like depression, stress or PTSD. Those who are struggling with chronic fatigue can’t go wrong with this strain either.

How to Grow White Russian

To get the most yield out of White Russian, growers should try using a SOG method. It does grow outside in warmer climates and will be ready for harvest in early-mid October. But best results are achieved in an indoor environment or a greenhouse where it has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. White Russian likes organic soil a lot better than hydroponic setups.