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Skunk x Afghani #1

by Serious Seeds

A prize-winning indica-dominant hybrid from Serious Seeds, Motavation is a potent cross of Sensi Star and medicinal favourite, Warlock. You’ll get a heavy stoned body high with this one, but your mind will be free to wander and wonder.

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Motavation Strain Genetics

Warlock brings its Skunk and Afghani roots to play here and Sensi Star adds its own indica heritage to the mix to produce a very powerful, body high, with heavenly heady overtones.

Motavation Strain Terpene Profile

A rich, fruity scent is detectable as you grind this pungent plant up. The taste has lemon (limonene) but also a slightly more chemical/metallic taste often likened to fresh paint, especially on the exhale; that may bring on a coughing fit.

Motavation Strain Effects

Don’t be misled by the name! The only ‘motavation’ you’ll be getting from this heavy stoned indica will be to lie on the couch and dream the evening away, in a blissed-out state of giggly abandon! Deeply relaxing, she has great medicinal qualities; of course, she may also put you to sleep, but perhaps that’s just what you’re after.

Medical Benefits Motavation Strain

A deep physical high, typically indica: Motavation from Serious Seeds/Magus Genetics can provide great relief from fatigue or physical strain. She may also be good against pain, notably that of headaches, migraines or other neuropathic pain as there is a dreamy, heady quality to this strong strain, that leaves you feeling carefree and contented.

How to Grow Motavation Strain

For short plants, these can still give good high yields, they are sturdy little things and grow very well indoors. That said, they grow well outdoors too! They’re not overly particular and though they have quite a lot of leaf they will also be covered in resin, so manicuring is not really necessary for Motavation. A good choice for beginner gardeners.