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Wedding Cake x Purple Punch

by Guru Fire

You won’t need an invite or have to sit through any drawn-out Best Man’s speeches with Wedding Crasher – a delicious dessert hybrid from the Guru Fire limited edition collection that’s pure party fuel and designed to enhance all kinds of daytime activities.

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Wedding Crasher Genetic Profile

Wedding Crasher lineage marks the union of two celebrated cannabis dynasties. Wedding Cake and Purple Punch are both excellent marriage material and make the perfect couple – each bringing their own set of unique attributes to the relationship. Expect a cocktail of terpene-rich candy flavours, reliable growth, and a potent indica/sativa balance from this THC-fueled party starter, which represents one of Guru Fire’s most resinous feminized releases.

Providing an uplifting and celebratory psychoactive experience, this high THC/low CBD cannabis strain is the perfect accompaniment for all manner of social occasions – weddings or otherwise – and is near guaranteed to get you in the mood to strut your stuff on the dance floor. Now available from MGS as feminized cannabis seeds, Wedding Crasher marijuana seeds are your VIP ticket to plenty of good times ahead!

Wedding Crasher Strain Terpene Profile

The combination of Wedding Cake’s creamy vanilla profile and Purple Punch’s fruity overtones is a match made in heaven. Wedding Crasher aroma has an earthy kush base mixed with the distinct smell of purple grape and echoes of vanilla bean. Its sweet smoke has a mellow and inviting flavour with sharp gassy highlights and an aftertaste of skunk and fresh berries.

Wedding Crasher dominant terpenes are caryophyllene – a common cannabis sesquiterpene – and myrcene – a monoterpene.

Monoterpenes are smaller and generally considered to have a milder smell than sesquiterpenes, but myrcene is an exception and has a fruity, herbal aesthetic that gives the marijuana plant much of its recognisable funk. This Wedding Cake x Purple Punch strain also contains many other secondary terps like terpinolene and linalool, which ever so slightly augment its effects and overall flavour.

Wedding Crasher Strain Effects

Wedding Cake effects are uplifting and stimulating but also delightfully relaxing. Hybridized genetics have lent this strain a balanced psychoactive profile that walks a fine line between indica and sativa dominant. As a result, it won’t make you sleepy or too high strung – instead, users can look forward to periodic bursts of talkative energy, sustained feelings of happiness, and a calming effect on the mind. Certain to get you in the party spirit, it’s an excellent choice for daytime use or late evening entertainment and will liven any social event with its revitalizing buzz.

Wedding Crasher THC levels average at 21%, which is in the medium-high range. When unprepared for its long-lasting and intense effects, it’s easy to go from being the life of the party to crashing out early. Don’t let this strain ruin your big day by overindulging or consuming if you have a lower THC tolerance.

Wedding Crasher Strain Medical Benefits

This strain is both a powerful social stimulant and a relaxant with a calming effect on the central nervous system. As such, Wedding Crasher medical benefits are especially suitable for introverts looking to spread their wings and for those who suffer from panic attacks or feel uncomfortable in crowds. Millions of people struggle with social anxiety – even if some are better at hiding it than others – and the euphoric effects of this strain can help conversations flow more easily while also reducing many of the physical symptoms of this frustrating condition.

Growers with depressive disorders should also consider choosing Wedding Crasher medical seeds for their next marijuana grow. While cannabis should never be used as a crutch, some medical strains like Wedding Crasher can help steer patients in a more positive direction when they’re at their lowest point. It’s difficult to feel down during a fit of giggles, and this pheno’s mellow mood-enhancing qualities can provide the temporary lift that’s sometimes all that’s needed to help a sufferer escape the doldrums.

How to Grow Wedding Crasher Strain

Gardeners of all abilities are invited to take a crack at growing Wedding Crasher feminized marijuana seeds. Inheriting the robust, vigorous growth style of an indica, but with the height of a sun-seeking sativa strain, these hybridized plants are self-sufficient and easy to cultivate but may be unsuitable for smaller setups. If allowed to grow freely, they can easily reach between 150-180cm indoors or up to 2m if planted directly in the ground. However, if height does become an issue, there are various available methods like pruning, pinching, and LST, which are designed to encourage lateral growth, along with others like lollipopping, which can be used to increase yields dramatically.

Wedding Crasher flowering time is around nine-ten weeks from germination, and outdoor growers can begin to harvest in late October. Although this flowering period is a little bit longer than compared with many feminized photoperiod strains, this plant is a generous producer, and the wait won’t seem too bad come harvest time.

When the big day finally rolls around, growers can expect Wedding Crasher yields to peak at 500g/m² for indoor setups or 600g per plant outdoors. Expect chunky, flavourful buds with purple streaks, fiery orange hairs, and a thick frosty trichome coating – the calling card of its Wedding Cake parent. This final feature, which gives the plants a showstopping, celebratory appearance, also makes them highly suitable for producing cannabis concentrates.