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Larry OG x Grandaddy Purple

by Guru Seeds

Known for its frosty buds, delightfully sweet taste, and high THC level (20%+), Purple Punch cannabis seeds from Guru Seeds will deliver a deliciously potent indica dominant powerhouse that is sure to impress even the fussiest of cannabis strain hunters. 

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Purple Punch Genetics

Combining the indica strengths of two cannabis indica strains, Larry OG x and Granddaddy Purple, Purple Punch was first introduced to the discerning cannabis consumers of Northern California but thanks to its remarkable flavour and effects, is now a worldwide favourite of cannabis strain hunters across the globe. 

The ancestry of Purple Punch is fascinating, as it also includes cannabis strain legends and former cannabis cup winners such as OG Kush, Northern Lights, and original Skunk. With such an impressive lineage of DNA genetics, it is no surprise that Purple Punch has emerged as a truly top-shelf choice for even the fussiest of cannabis consumers.

Purple Punch Terpene Profile

Purple Punch is famous for its fantastic taste, and you can thank its terpene profile that includes the presence of peppery caryophyllene as well as the citrusy limonene and potent pinene. With such a delicious flavour and aroma, Purple Punch is an excellent choice for consumers who particularly enjoy sweet, dessert strains like this one.

The potent and dense buds have an overpowering earthy smell, with hints of ripe fruity berries and sweet grapes when broken open. When inhaled, Purple Punch immediately produces a deliciously sweet, fruity taste that will give you smooth hints of citrus on the exhale.

Purple Punch Effects

As an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a high level of THC content, Purple Punch certainly lives up to its name by providing a powerful and rapid cerebral high that gradually expands into an intensely strong body effect that will send you soaring high into the sky! (not literally).

Experienced users report that Purple Punch is undoubtedly an intense experience and as such, should be used with care by less experienced cannabis consumers. However, with deeply pleasing hybrid effects and being one of the sweetest dessert strains available, Purple Punch is best-enjoyed after-dinner, later in the evening. 

Medical Benefits Purple Punch

With the presence of caryophyllene and limonene, both known as being particularly effective in reducing stress, Purple Punch is certainly a tremendous medical marijuana strain for those suffering from anxiety or other stress-related conditions. 

As a potent indica-dominant strain, Purple Punch can also be useful for those struggling with a lack of appetite or getting a good night´s sleep. The high THC level found in Purple Punch also makes it particularly useful in the treatment of chronic pain, with this potent medicinal cannabis strain an increasingly popular choice in dispensaries across the U.S and Canada. 

How to Grow Purple Punch

The strong indica heritage of Purple Punch cannabis seeds makes it very resilient, yet some care is still needed for it to flourish fully. Indoor growers should make sure that this legendary Californian purple strain gets enough light intake and relatively high humidity. Likewise, outdoor growers will see the best results when these marijuana seeds are grown in Mediterranean climates. 

You will need to be well prepared to provide the best environment for Purple Punch, including a reliable light set-up and proper ventilation. Purple Punch responds particularly well when grown in a SCROG environment and with fast flowering time, will be ready for harvest with plenty of high yielding branches in as little as eight weeks. Despite its short stocky appearance, Purple Punch can certainly produce a bountiful production for more experienced growers.

Overall, Purple Punch is a truly impressive cannabis strain, in taste, effects and appearance. A stunning flower, come harvest month, this deliciously sweet purple strain is covered in sparkling frosty white trichomes and orange hairs. Powerful, potent and delicious, buy Purple Punch seeds today.