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Granddaddy “X” x MAC

by Purple Caper Seeds

Following in the footsteps of its big-blooming forefathers, MAC Daddy is a Purple Caper hybrid that’s packing funky fresh colours and fizzy soda flavours plus a mood-boosting psychoactive kick that’s off the chain!

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MAC Daddy Strain Genetics

MAC Daddy lineage is the product of years of cannabis breeding expertise. Granddaddy “X”, a supersized and stronger smelling update of the original Granddaddy, has been merged with MAC – aka Miracle Alien Cookies – giving this smooth operator a mix of sweet citrus and berry flavours, beautiful camouflage colours, and a THC-fuelled, indica-dominant edge.

Producing big and beefy plants that flower in rapid time, MAC Daddy marijuana seeds are a brand new creation from the Purple Caper Seeds company and now available from MGS as regular seeds. A great choice for beginners or growers with an eye for aesthetics, why not make MAC Daddy the new style icon of your cannabis collection?

MAC Daddy Strain Terpene Profile

MAC Daddy flavour and aroma pays tribute to its rich and wide-reaching heritage. Granddaddy Purple, Alien Technology and Girl Scout Cookies all have their part to play, giving this strain a sweet soda pop aesthetic. Consumers can expect delicious grape and orange flavours, creamy undertones and subtle gassy nuances coming through on the exhale.

MAC Daddy abundant terpenes are limonene and myrcene; the former giving rise to the strain’s citrus qualities while the latter is better known for its red fruit flavours and earthy aromatic profile. They’re also known for having unique psychoactive effects, giving MAC Daddy weed a multitude of benefits, both medical and recreational.

MAC Daddy Strain Effects

MAC Daddy effects run the gamut. Opening with creative stimulation that brings on big dopey smiles and positive thoughts aplenty, this quickly evolves into a physical high and feelings of weightlessness as your body succumbs to relaxation. While a dreamy sense of disconnect is common with consumption, this should be fully embraced to make the best use of this strain’s stress-busting potential. 

MAC Daddy THC level isn’t currently available, but its parent plants are both THC-dominant and boast levels in the 18-21% range. While not the greatest social strain, on account of its spacey cerebral impact, it makes for excellent evening use and the perfect end to a tough working week. 

MAC Daddy strain Medical Benefits

Feeling under the gun? For high-stress individuals and anxiety sufferers, MAC Daddy medical benefits are sure to come in handy. Research studies have shown that high limonene strains like this have clear antidepressant and anti-stress potential because they effectively stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine in the brain.

Myrcene also produces relaxing effects, especially when in conjunction with THC, but also has an anti-inflammatory and sedative influence. CBN, another cannabinoid present in MAC Daddy medical seeds, which increases as flowers oxidise, could be another factor that directly affects the level of the calming effect of cannabis.

How to Grow MAC Daddy Strain

Growing MAC Daddy seeds requires a little more care and attention than an autoflowering or feminized strain but is still easy enough for beginners. Just like its Grandaddy forebears, this plant blooms big and will require topping to take control of its voracious growth. This is a great technique used by professionals to take advantage of vertical space and lighting, though the SOG or SCROG method will boost MAC Daddy yields even further.

With a funky fresh style expressed in shades of green and lavender, though MAC Daddy flowering time is around 8-9 weeks, if left to grow a little longer, its leaves will turn completely purple. A great performer in the garden and equally suitable for indoor growth.