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Blue Dream x Cookies F2

by Purple Caper Seeds

Purple Caper Dream Cookies seeds produce a colourful, flavourful, high THC, sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with an intense, yet calming buzz. Expect uplifting, euphoric sensations to be abundant with this Dream Cookies weed strain.

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Dream Cookies Strain Genetics

Purple Caper Seeds combined Blue Dream (Blueberry x Super Silver Haze) and Cookies F2 (Girl Scout Cookies x Granddaddy Purple F2) to get the best of both worlds from Dream Cookies marijuana seeds. The impressively high yields of the Blue Dream strain merge with Cookies’ high-quality and legendary flavours (OG Kush, Durban Poison, and more) to create a phenomenal marijuana strain.

The cannabis plants grow strong and durable, making them perfect for outdoor growing, while fast-flowering buds are full of purples and oranges, along with coats of crystal trichomes and a remarkably high THC content passed down through the Dream Cookies lineage.

Dream Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

The Dream Cookies flavours come from the rich terpene profile contained within this outstanding hybrid strain. Fruity, blueberry goodness is abundant here, along with herbal touches, little hints of spice, and a citrus tang. This is all due to Dream Cookies dominant terpenes.

Myrcene, an earthy terpene giving off that traditional Haze and Kush aroma, combines with limonene and caryophyllene for that sweet and spicy fruity blend. Also in play is the hoppy vibes of humulene, which blends with the pine-stylings of pinene on the exhale. Altogether, these terps produce an astonishingly varied taste and scent profile, keeping your nostrils and your tastebuds busy in the best possible way!

Dream Cookies Strain Effects

The GSC legacy is strong in the effects of these Purple Caper Dream Cookies seeds. That classic Cookies blend of euphoria and relaxation, which is also passed down through other branches of this cannabis strain’s family tree, is rife here.

Expect your mind to be uplifted at the same time your body is chilled and calmed beautifully, providing that perfect support to a relaxing evening after a busy day. The Dream Cookies THC level (over 20%) guarantees a fast-acting, long-lasting buzz that should carry you from the second you sit down until it’s time to fall asleep.

Dream Cookies Strain Medical Benefits

Reported Dream Cookies medical benefits include relieving nausea related to illness, post-operation amongst others. Swift relief for nausea and is also a potential benefit, and one few medical marijuana strains offer.

Another potential benefit of these Dream Cookies medical seeds is a relief for anxiety, either short-term symptoms related to stress or long-term issues associated with anxiety-related conditions. The uplifting, energizing vibe created by the Dream Cookies mind and body buzz is thought to alleviate anxiety effects and help calm the mind.

How to Grow Dream Cookies Strain Seeds

The Dream Cookies yield has been passed down from Blue Dream, while the large and dense buds are also ensured thanks to Big Bud in the Cookies side of these regular seeds’ genetics. This makes sure that whether grown indoors or outdoors, a high yield can be expected. The Dream Cookies flowering time should be somewhere between 8 and 10 weeks from germination for indoor growers. Outdoors and greenhouse gardeners can expect harvest time to fall in mid-October for these cannabis seeds.

Growing Dream Cookies seeds shouldn’t be a challenge even for newbies. These plants will do much of the work for you, light pruning might be necessary, but beyond that, these marijuana seeds essentially grow themselves! Despite the lack of necessary effort, you’ll still be rewarded finely for your labour, with a huge yield of multi-coloured, crystal-coated, dank smelling nugs!