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by Dutch Passion

From the experts at the legendary seed company Dutch Passion, Durban Poison is a legendary cannabis strain that originated from a pure African sativa landrace. With a moderately high THC level, that keeps the high clear, productive and sweet, the Durban Poison strain is loved by growers and consumers alike for its high yields and consistent character.

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Durban Poison Strain Genetics

Durban Poison takes its name from its namesake South African port town. It is known to have African roots, coming from an almost pure sativa African landrace parent x with an unknown indica

First brought to Amsterdam and the U.S. in the ’70s, this now legendary marijuana strain was carefully inbred and not hybridised. Decades later, Durban Poison remains a firm favourite amongst growers and consumers alike for its consistent, Thai-like head-high, potency, and stability.

Durban Poison Strain Terpene Profile

Durban Poison’s terpene content provides this cultivar with a truly unique flavour profile.

Spicy and a little Haze like, with notes of liquorice, aniseed, and cloves, its spherical, frosty buds smell both sweet and earthy at the same time. Thanks to the presence of pinene, you will occasionally get piney overtones too. 

Durban Poison´s dark green buds are both dank and resinous, helping to generate a consistent potency and a classically dank smell peppered with hints of sweet liquorice.

Durban Poison Strain Effects

As a pure sativa, you would be right to expect Durban Poison to be an uplfiter, and that’s precisely what it is. Indeed, many consumers have compared this strain to a morning cup of coffee, such is its effectiveness in energising and clearing the mind. 

This clear-headed, happy and energetic high is comparable to Thai sativas and will be instantly recognisable to fans of these types of strains and those who enjoy partaking in a little “wake n bake”.  

Indeed, ideal for day-time use and those with a full-agenda, Durban Poison is virtually entirely cerebral with no hint of debilitating heaviness or couchlock., this strain is also particularly useful in assisting those looking for a little inspiration with creative endeavours.

Medical Benefits Durban Poison Strain

The medium to high THC level of Durban Poison (around 15%)  means that it is an ideal strain for those looking for the pain-relieving properties of the cannabinoid without the anxiety-inducing feelings sometimes experienced with more potent strains. 

Durban Poison’s motivational effects mentioned earlier may also be a useful aid for those combating fatigue or symptoms of depression.

How to Grow Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison likes to have plenty of growing space for her roots, which allows it to grow sturdy side branches that can bear heavy loads. Well adapted to Northern European climes these cannabis seeds are resistant to mould and pests. Long and leafy, these plants grow tall and have a characteristically sativa look. 

Thanks to trusted and time-tested genetics, this world-famous strain flowers incredibly quickly for a sativa strain, with a flowering time of just 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors or by late September when grown in an outdoor environment. Branches are well spaced so harvesting can be relatively easy. However, the colas are long too, with lots of smaller leaves, so that can mean a little bit of manicuring is required. 

Durban Poison rewards cultivators with higher than average yield, a sweet, hash smell and high resin content that makes it valuable in the production of THC concentrates like shatter and wax.