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Cannalope x Chocolate Kush

by Purple Caper Seeds

Chocolate Cannalope seeds are an even indica/sativa hybrid from Cali-based Purple Caper Seeds that offer a hefty euphoric high. This fast-flowering cannabis strain with intense and rich flavours make this an instant favourite you won’t want to miss.

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Chocolate Cannalope Strain Genetics

An eventful and unique terpene profile is present here thanks to the Chocolate Cannalope lineage which includes Cannalope (landrace x Haze strains) and Chocolate Kush (Mazar, OG Kush) providing a classic mix of Mexican and Afghani vibes that result in an instant Cali classic. A blend of floral, tropical, fruity, and rich, chocolatey flavours are handed down here, as are some impressive growing traits.

Not to be confused with the Chocolope cannabis strain (Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze) Large, dense buds are another perk of the Chocolate Cannalope marijuana seeds genetics. Ensuring high yields for indoor and outdoor gardeners. There is also medical marijuana potential in this heritage, more on that later.

Chocolate Cannalope Strain Terpene Profile

A combination of common and rare cannabis terpenes are at play to create the one-of-a-kind candy sweet, floral and fruity Chocolate Cannalope seeds aromas and flavours.

There’s a strong tropical tone here, with fruity and herbal tastes bringing exotic landscapes to life in your mind, thanks to limonene and myrcene combining. Additionally, caryophyllene provides a spicy, peppery sensation on the inhale.

Some extra citrus flavour on top of limonene comes from the presence of another Chocolate Cannalope abundant terpene, ocimene, while terpinolene adds piney and floral overtones, creating a forest fresh scent on the exhale.

Chocolate Cannalope Strain Effects

Chocolate Cannalope is as uplifting as a marijuana strain knows how to get! A euphoric, energetic, cerebral effect is fast-acting and long-lasting thanks to this high THC content (over 20%) hybrid cannabis.

An excellent daytime strain for a relaxed sense of creativity without affecting productivity or an ideal night-time strain for an evening of intriguing conversation, Chocolate Cannalope works for any time of day, making any chores and jobs that much more inspiring!

Chocolate Cannalope Strain Medical Benefits

The uplifting sensations created by this strain also gives Chocolate Cannalope medical cannabis potential when it comes to the treatment of fatigue. By not only offering a dose of energy but also providing it in a relaxed form without associated anxiety, the symptoms of fatigue can rapidly be subdued by this marijuana strain.

Another possible Chocolate Cannalope medical benefit is those dealing with loss of appetite, either temporarily (such as post-operation) or longer-term. More than just giving you the munchies, this strain works with the endocannabinoid system to help the body understand what it needs and provide feelings of hunger when eating is necessary. A simple yet significant medical benefit.

How to Grow Chocolate Cannalope Strain Seeds

An easy to grow cannabis strain, the fast Chocolate Cannalope flowering time (8 weeks from germination for indoor growers) involves very little work from the grower.  While pruning may help, it isn’t overly necessary as these plants won’t grow too leafy, and will produce a heavy yield of beautiful buds when left to their own devices.

Growing Chocolate Cannalope regular seeds outdoors (Purple Caper don’t currently offer feminized seeds) takes a similarly small work level. However, greenhouse growth may be a better option outside of hot climates. 

The Chocolate Cannalope yield, which is expected to be harvest-ready in early November, is impressively high, with a good number of big, round nugs that are impressively dense. Excellent marijuana seeds for beginner growers, this hybrid strain treats you very well during growth, and even better after harvest!