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Gordo Master x Master Kush

by Positronics

Positronic Seeds created this potent indica hybrid for the Kush cannaseurs. If you love the full-body effect and vintage flavour of Kush strains, put Gordo MasterKush at the top of your tasting list. Easy to grow feminised seeds with short flowering time, Gordo Master Kush aka GMK is an indica-dominant and high THC strain that will lift your and leave your body at ease.

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GMK Strain Genetics

Positronics Seeds Gordo Master Kush is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with seriously dank genetics. Its parent strain Master Kush is a descendant of Hindu Kush, an original landrace strain of cannabis seeds that have perfected their flowering time in high mountain valleys to make hash for many generations.

Enter Gordo Master, a Castilian MC who’s fostered this limited series strain to please the most discerning Kush enthusiasts.  The result?  A premium strain of feminised cannabis seeds with old school appeal: Gordo Master Kush, or GMK.

GMK Strain Terpene Profile

GMK is a sensory delight. These somewhat exotic seeds contain a unique cocktail of limonene, myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes that create a complex aromatic profile.

A pungent and robust scent with sweet notes of fruit, citrus and berries are followed by thick and earthier afternotes. Bittersweet to some, the fragrance and flavour of Gordo Master Kush will remind expert strain hunters of classic Afghan landrace strains and hashish. 

GMK Strain Effects

GMK is an indica-dominant and high THC (around 19%) cannabis strain with potent and long-lasting effects. Similar to other Kush strain types, GMK provides full-body relaxation, but its evolution has cut out the mind-numbing quality of vintage strains.

Positronic Seeds Gordo Master Kush may help relieve physical tension while allowing your mind to remain focused and present.

Medical Benefits GMK Strain

Designed to bring out the best qualities in Kush strain types, Gordo Master Kush may provide relief for medical patients. Gordo Master Kush’s combination of terpenes and high THC are shown to help with pain, anxiety and insomnia.

Unlike its parent strains, GMK medical marijuana does develop a moderate level of CBD, which may also help with inflammation and sleeping disorders.

How to Grow GMK Seeds

Lucky for novice growers, Positronic Seeds Gordo Master Kush are relatively easy to grow feminised seeds. Even better, GMK is a strain that grows easily indoors or out.

A short, dense, compact and robust plant, GMK is ideal for a greenhouse or indoor cannabis grow as it fits well in small spaces. GMK can tolerate colder nights and is an excellent choice for outdoor growers in colder climates.

Try a hydroponic SOG (sea of green) setup when growing indoor cannabis and expect a flowering time of about 60 days.

GMK’s strong branches and cup structure mean this plant can support the weight of its resinous buds. Keep on top of feeding this hungry plant, and you’ll be rewarded with an average yield of buds packing a high THC punch.

Enjoy the subtle shades of purple in its stems and leaves, and be prepared to harvest Gordo Master Kush’s mega buds in just 7 to 8 weeks.