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Hindu Kush x Afghani #1

by Humboldt Seed Organization

Crossed with two popular landrace indica strains, Master Kush is an easy to grow and high-yielding indica-dominant hybrid strain. You can expect this beauty to grow almost anywhere, even outdoors in colder climates.

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Master Kush Strain Genetics

As a cross between two landrace strains, this Hindu Kush / Afghani hybrid is a popular strain in Dutch Coffeeshops. Master Kush’s heritage makes it perfectly suited for making black hash or charas.

Master Kush Strain Terpene Profile

As a full-bred indica strain stemming from the Hindu Kush mountain range, Master Kush has the typical hash-like flavour and aroma. Expect a sweet, floral, earthy almost incense-like scent with a touch of citrus.

Master Kush Strain Effects

The effects of this particular indica are very potent, so beginners should moderate their dosage. The long-lasting physical stoned sensation will relax your body and set your thoughts adrift. Expect a heavy couch-locked sensation at some point.

Medical Benefits Master Kush Strain

Like most indica-dominant strains, Master Kush is an excellent pain reliever and muscle relaxer. The strain can work wonders for insomnia and loss of appetite, while also reducing stress on both the body and mind. With its heavy sedating effect, Master Kush is certain to let your thoughts wander and troubles disappear

How to Grow Master Kush Strain

Available to buy in both regular and feminized seeds, the stocky plant that is Master Kush provides copious amounts of thick, dense buds that grow relatively easily both indoors and outdoors, and moderately well in colder climates. Although in more frigid regions of the world, the best results are obtained indoors.

Master Kush is well suited for SOG, SCROG or even hydroponic growing methods. The only downside to this strain is its need for moderate to high levels of nutrients to reach its full potential.