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Kosher Kush x Runtz F1

by Pheno Finder Seeds

When a cup-winning THC-titan and a fan favourite sugar strain make a baby, you end up with Kuntz – a controversially named Cookies and Kush hybrid from the folks at the Pheno Finder Seed bank that’s packing power and plenty of flex.

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Kuntz Strain Genetic Profile

Don’t let its inflammatory name fool you! Pheno Finder didn’t create Kuntz cannabis seeds to cause outrage but as part of their ongoing plan to propagate unique and unconventional cannabis strains. Kuntz lineage was formed by crossbreeding the multiple cannabis cup-winning Kosher Kush with a Runtz F1 plant, resulting not only in its off-colour name – also a nod to Leafworks co-founder and cannabis industry icon, Eleanor Kuntz – blend but a host of brilliant growth benefits. 

Expect high-class fruit flavours, fast-flowering, and staggering THC levels from this masterful marriage of two Emerald Triangle icons. Now available from MGS as female seeds for your easy-growing pleasure, just make sure you whisper their name when you’re in public!

Kuntz Strain Terpene Profile

Kuntz flavour profile follows that of its F2 father stain. Runtz – the award-winning lovechild of Gelato and Zkittlez – is famed for a sugary aesthetic that mirrors that of a bag of its world-famous candy namesake, and its descendant follows suit with a cocktail of sweet citrus and berry flavours that dance upon the tongue. Kosher Kush has its own odiferous reputation and lends the strain a decent dose of OG funk, evoking the earthy, fruity, spice flavours we all know and love.

Like a lot of Kush strains, Kuntz dominant terpenes are myrcene and caryophyllene. This pheno’s creamy fruit flavour also features plenty of input from limonene hydrocarbons, which bring their own citrus kick to the fruity, earthy flavours of the former. 

Kuntz Strain Effects

The formidable Kosher Kush – formerly a Los Angeles clone-only strain – has built up a reputation for being one of the strongest members of the OG Kush clan. Kuntz effect has a similar knockout impact and offers a long-lasting indica-dominant experience punctuated by pain relief and full-bodied relaxation. Expect a slight cerebral kick at first, but once you’re fully intoxicated, these uplifting effects soon give way to hunger, drowsiness, and eventually sleep.

Kuntz THC content mirrors the high levels of THC of its Californian family member. Known to clock in at 20% on the low end, or up to 25% for expert growers who implement THC-boosting techniques, Kosher Kush can easily cause couchlock in inexperienced users and is best saved for evening use unless you’re fond of day-napping. We recommend taking similar precautions when sampling Kuntz in a recreational capacity.

Kuntz Strain Medical Benefits

With its high THC content and a terpene profile that’s equally rich in myrcene and caryophyllene, Kuntz medical benefits are geared towards those seeking superior pain relief. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis are caused by chemical reactions with the endocannabinoid system. Studies have shown high THC/low CBD strains with a similar profile can help reduce chronic pain by impacting activity and interacting with neurotransmitters in the brain. This makes this phenotype ideal as medical marijuana for migraines and ongoing conditions like fibromyalgia

Kuntz medical seeds can also help those struggling with sleep-disruptive disorders. Unlike sativa strains, which are known for their stimulating effects, indica phenos boast stronger sedative properties, which may be utilised by those with conditions like insomnia to break their sleepless cycle in a natural and non-aggressive fashion.

How to Grow Kuntz Strain

As per many OG strains, which originate from the US West Coast, growing Kuntz successfully in an outdoor environment will require a hot and dry climate that mirrors its California homeland. Greenhouse growers will benefit from a SCROG or SOG set-up, as these indica-dominant cannabis plants stay short and squat but will grow big and bushy if given enough nutrients and proper light penetration. As they inherit the stinky OG smell of their pungent parent, the use of carbon filters may also be required if you’re seeking a discreet growing experience. 

Under ideal conditions, this Kosher Kush x Runtz S1 collab offers high yields that will be above average, and the sweet-smelling and highly resinous lime green and purple buds it produces are like little sugar-coated cannabis candies. Make sure to properly cure your crop to boost those fruit flavours to maximum, and if you’re planning on exploring extraction techniques, its crystal-coated fan leaves are fantastic for making water hash. 

As Kuntz flowering time is only nine-ten weeks from germination, these quick and easy feminized photoperiod seeds are ripe for commercial cultivation or home growers of any ability looking for West Coast flavours without the fuss.