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Haze 1 x Northern Lights

by Nirvana

She may be called ‘Sterling’ Haze, but with some experience and attention, you could have a gold mine on your hands. Nirvana Seeds created this strain by combining superior sativa genetics with an eye for potency and flavor. Rumor has it that this strain even packs a high strong enough to reset your tolerance.

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Sterling Haze Genetics

Nirvana Seeds used Haze#1 and Northern Lights to create this sativa beauty. If you’re familiar with the Haze family, you’ll know why Sterling Haze can be a bit of a pain to grow. Regardless of this fact, Sterling Haze has a solid foundation of sativa genetics that yield a superior strain and make her worth the trouble.

Sterling Haze Effects

We aren’t kidding when we say this strain has the potential to take you back to your early days of smoking. Sterling Haze has ridiculously high levels of THC and CBD that can really knock you off your feet. She’s definitely a strain for when you don’t have anything else you need to do for the rest of the day or night.

Sterling Haze Terpene Profile

Sterling Haze offers an alternative taste if you’re bored with ‘traditional’ cannabis flavours. Sweet, spicy, sour, and lime are the main flavours you’ll detect on the first inhale. This unique combination of tastes will knock you off your feet as she propels you into outer space.

Medical Benefits Sterling Haze

Sterling Haze has the benefit of high THC and CBD levels, making her an excellent medical strain. Users with stress, fatigue, and depression report the best results after using Sterling Haze. Due to the relative difficulty in growing Sterling Haze, her medical benefits are largely unknown. Use discretion when trying Sterling Haze and adjust your medical usage according to your own needs.    

How to Grow Sterling Haze

This entire profile has lead up to this section because Sterling Haze is a bit of a diva as a Haze hybrid. Her flowering period can be anywhere from 10-12 weeks which means she can grow quite large in size. As they say, “mo’ plant, mo’ problems”. Her leaves are naturally very bright green so be careful not to overdo it with nutrients. As mentioned before, Sterling Haze requires an experienced grower with knowledge of where cannabis plants hold their nutrients, how much to fertilize, how much nutrients to use, When it’s all said and done, you’ll have more than your time and effort’s worth.