Buy Haze 1 seeds Thai x Columbian x Mexican x Jamaica

by Nirvana

A tasty variant on the classic Californian Haze, Haze 1 from Nirvana is a potent, heady mix of Thai x Columbian x Mexican x Jamaica that will have you feeling energetic and creative. 15% THC.

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Haze 1 Genetics

First bred in the Bay area in the 70’s, Haze 1 mixes classic landrace strains (Thai x Columbian x Mexican x Jamaica) to produce a tasty, heady and relatively potent, old-school high. There may even be some Southern Indian in the mix too if you go back a generation. Nirvana are proud of this one and recommend it for both as recreational or medicinal seeds.

Haze 1 Effects

Buzzy, buzzy, buzzy. On Haze 1 you will have bucketfuls of energy and feel really creative. It should provide focus too so that you can follow through on those creative instincts. Cerebral as hell, it will have you thinking up your next big plans and alighting on philosophical insights. There is a light, tingly, body-buzz to compliment the head-high. Lovely.

Haze 1 Terpene Profile

As with many Hazes, Haze 1 gives off a predominantly lemon scent indicating a high limonene content. There are also pleasant floral, spice, and pine notes here too. These flavours both come through in the taste which is sweet and a bit chocolatey to boot. Altogether delicious, and bound to be beloved by sativa fans. 

Medical Benefits Haze 1

The relatively high level of THC, usually upwards of 15%, should be good for managing pain,
stress or depression. Some sativas have been known to be too heady for beginners, or those
of a nervous disposition; so if you find you sometimes get anxious with cannabis, a hybrid
with a more balanced indica/sativa profile may suit you better. Other cannabinoid ratios are
not available at present but Nirvana do recommend her as a medical strain. 

How to Grow Haze 1

Haze 1 like her sister Hazes does have a long grow period, taking twelve to fourteen weeks to reach maturity. However, she’s worth the wait. This stable and productive phenotype consistently produces good product and can give you a huge yield under the right conditions. She’ll grow lean and thin, with long frosty colas; resulting in juicy, plump and fragrant buds when cured. Does well in a SOG grow, she’s more an indoor than an outdoor girl, unless you live in a warm Mediterranean type climate.