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Medusa x Master Kush

by Nirvana

Nirvana Seed’s Misty Kush is an indica-dominant strain that gives the user an effect that gradually develops from a body stone to head high. With a medical-strength numbing effect, large yield, and easy grow characteristics; it’s easy to see that Misty Kush is an all-in-one strain.

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Misty Kush Strain Genetics

Nirvana’s Misty Kush is a cross between Medusa and Master Kush. Misty Kush’s mother genetics come from another legendary Nirvana strain; Misty, which helped put this seed company on the map. The Kush part of Misty Kush speaks for itself, contributing to the overall elite heritage of this stunner, a potent indica-dominant hybrid that boasts THC levels of between 15-20%.

Misty Kush Strain Terpene Profile

If you have a sweet tooth, you’re going to love Misty Kush. Like others in the Kush family, she smells pungent when smoked, but in a sweet way. Her smoke smells like apples and mangoes and tastes like a fruit bouquet. She definitely retains her indica taste, earthy and sugary at the same time.

Misty Kush Strain Effects

Misty Kush is unique in her effect. First, a sativa-like head high will take hold and allow your mind to drift off. Next, a body stone will settle over you in true indica fashion. Due to her high THC levels and gradual effect, Misty Kush can make some users feel dizzy if they aren’t careful.

Medical Benefits Misty Kush Strain

As a strain with high THC levels, Misty Kush can work wonders on aches and pains. The heavy body stone that users experience could lend itself to a medical patient looking for a strain with an analgesic effect. She promotes a lazy, relaxed feeling that will relax aching muscles.

How to Grow Misty Kush Strain

When growing Misty Kush, try using a SOG method for optimal yield. She’s an easy grow either inside or outside and can generally take the typical mistakes of beginners in stride.

After 8-10 weeks you’ll see very frosty buds in large amounts but have no fear- she isn’t as pungent as her smoke. You won’t need to take drastic measures to conceal her smell. Misty Kush is a compact plant and therefore well suited for a stealth grow.