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Wedding Cake/Pink Cookies x Grape Pie

by Jungle Boys Seeds

Hungry for sweetness but with a super balanced, slow-building psychoactive streak? Try a hefty slice of Zacks Pie from Jungle Boy Seeds – a slightly sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid that’ll soon have you baked to perfection.

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Zacks Pie Genetic Profile

Recently cooked up by the cannabis crew down at Jungle Boys Seeds, Zacks Pie is a balanced marijuana hybrid with a fruity-sweet terpene profile to whet your appetite and a slightly sativa-leaning kick to get those lazy neurons firing. Created by crossing the classic Wedding Cake/Pink Cookies – a Triangle Mints x Animals Cookies cut that was recently voted Leafly strain of the year – with Grape Pie – a Cannarado Genetics seed bank and Gage Green Group collab that blends Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper genetics – Zacks Pie lineage is like a wondrous who’s who of delicious dessert strains and perfect for those who value both flavour and effects.

Originating from Los Angeles, Jungle Boys weed is award-winning, regularly breaking records within the medical marijuana industry, and now fans the world over can grow their own at home. Zacks Pie marijuana seeds represent just one of their many marvellous new releases and are now available from the MGS online store as regular seeds. The upper crust of Cookies strains, try a slice of something a little sweeter and stronger with this peerlessly palatable breed from the Jungle Boys Seed co. 

Zacks Pie Strain Terpene Profile

Zacks Pie aroma and taste is full of rich and juicy orchard fruit flavours and a fresh-baked patisserie quality that demands slow savouring. Tuck into a rich and herby profile with a sweet and sour grape flavour, hints of blueberry throughout, and a spicy skunk aftertaste to round things off. Combined, these creamy Cookies, kush, and natural flavours create a taste sensation that’s not unlike chowing down on a big old wedge of fruit pie, but with a psychoactive kick to sweeten the deal!

Zacks Pie dominant terpenes are myrcene and limonene. In the natural world, these two aromatic compounds are most commonly found in fruits like mango and lemon but also many cannabis strains. Used by plants primarily for defensive purposes and to attract pollinating insects, terpenes like these are far more than just sweet-smelling chemicals, but actually have a physiological effect on the human body and help to modify the psychoactive direction of a particular strain.  

Zacks Pie Strain Effects

Balanced genetics have lent Zacks Pie a psychoactive stance that combines the best attributes of both sativa and indica. Slow building, its cerebral effects will sneak into your mind unawares, promoting mellow relaxation and a comfortable sense of calm and ease. As your mind begins to settle, expect a light euphoric lift to boost your spirits before heavy drowsiness kicks in, glueing you to the sofa and gently nudging your mind and body towards the dreaming realm. 

Zacks Pie effects aren’t really meant for novice users as this little slice of heaven can quickly lead to an overbearing psychoactive experience if you’re of a low THC tolerance. Like it’s high-powered parents, Zacks Pie THC content is significantly higher than average, with lab tests showing levels ranging from anything upwards of 26%. Just like scarfing too many pastries can easily lead to a lazy, lounging sugar coma, couchlock can be a genuine concern when sampling this humble high THC/low CBD hybrid, so make sure to keep your portions small or select another flavour if you’re especially susceptible. 

Zacks Pie Strain Medical Benefits

As one of California’s leading online cannabis dispensaries, the Jungle Boys know their stuff when it comes to medical marijuana. Buds grown from Zacks Pie medical seeds are picked by patients for many different health conditions, including behavioural and nervous disorders like anxiety, stress, and chronic fatigue. THC is known to activate CB-1 receptors in the brain’s endocannabinoid system, which play a significant role in regulating and decreasing stress levels. In a high THC strain like this, these effects are especially prominent, giving users a more relaxed feeling while washing day-to-day worries away.

This plant also possesses a powerful sedative kick once its cerebral effects wear off. Therefore, patients with sleep disorders like insomnia may find Zacks Pie medical benefits also handy for promoting a healthy sleep cycle. Myrcene terpenes have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, which along with this strain’s potent stress-busting qualities, may also help reduce the underlying reasons lurking behind your sleep disruption.

How to Grow Zacks Pie Strain

Jungle Boys haven’t revealed much information about growing Zacks Pie marijuana seeds, but a quick look at its genetic history can give us a good idea of its vital statistics. Wedding Cake is known as a humidity lover and a particularly tricky strain to bring to term, while Grape Pie is best suited to a Meditteranean climate and an indoor space where nutrients and conditions can be carefully controlled. Both adapt well to training techniques or SCROG setups and produce hardy, pest-resistant plants, but if you’re a novice or simply looking for a simpler cultivating experience, we advise choosing an easier-growing feminized or autoflowering strain.

Although a little more challenging to grow than other phenos, Zacks Pie yields are slightly higher than you might expect from a regular strain, and the quality bears no comparison. Zacks Pie flowering time is eight-ten weeks from germination, and its formidable blooms may even show pretty purple colours at the end of their growth period thanks to Grape Pie’s old-school purp genetics. Otherwise, growers can expect big harvests of fluffy popcorn-shaped nugs in shades of dark olive green with bright orange hairs and a coating of frosty crystal trichomes.