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Black Cherry Pie F4

by In House Genetics

The In-House Genetics seed bank original that launched their bestselling BCP range, Black Cherry Pie is an indica-dominant cannabis hybrid that’s been bred for stability, stunning colours, and an old school cherry skunk taste.

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Black Cherry Pie Strain Genetics

Used by In-House Genetics to create an entire range of high-quality Cookies hybrids, Black Cherry Pie marijuana seeds are the original and best. Bred from two Black Cherry Pie F4 plants to ensure maximum stability, Black Cherry Pie strain lineage can be traced back to modern staples like Granddaddy Purple as well as older kush godfathers like Durban Poison and Afghani, resulting in a balanced but powerful indica plant that’s brimming beautiful colours and flavours.

This high THC, low CBD variety is now available from MGS online shop as regular seeds. The BCP family offers plenty of choice for the discerning cannabis grower, but why not start where it all began with this fantastic fruity strain?

Black Cherry Pie Strain Terpene Profile

Black Cherry Pie aroma offers plenty of nostalgia for fans of old school skunk flavours. Pungent, musky and with strong overtones of sweet cherry, flavour connoisseurs may notice a sour Blackberry Kush kick to the strain’s taste, with subtle citrus and herbaceous flavours coming through on the exhale. 

The characteristic skunky smell of cannabis comes from myrcene; a chemical that’s also found in mangos, hops, and bay. It’s hardly surprising then that this is Black Cherry Pie dominant terpene, but this cultivar is also rich in other aromatic compounds like caryophyllene and alpha-pinene. Growers looking to boost its levels even further should consider removing any large fan leaves late in the flowering period to stimulate terpene production.

Black Cherry Pie Strain Effects

Coming from a long line of powerful indica strains, Black Cherry Pie effects hit the body almost immediately. Its hybridized nature has also given it a slight sativa-influenced euphoric kick, keeping the mind bright and bursting with creative thought throughout the high, but expect mainly physical effects from this potent natural relaxant.

This strain has yet to undergo detailed chemical analysis. As such, Black Cherry Pie high THC levels have not been disclosed but its potency is self-evident. Perfect for indoor activities and late-night relaxation, couchlock can become an issue if you’re unaccustomed to stronger cannabis strains,

Black Cherry Pie Strain Medical Benefits

The source of its skunky flavour, but also its sedative influence, myrcene terpenes give Black Cherry Pie medical seeds much of their curative potential. The chemical’s calming effect on the central nervous system can alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress, while alpha-pinene helps amplify these effects and also mitigate many of the negative ones associated with marijuana. 

Black Cherry Pie medical benefits can help patients who struggle to get to sleep. Myrcene is probably best known for its sleep-inducing properties, and when consumed in large quantities, Black Cherry Pie F5 weed’s effects can be utilized to treat a variety of somnipathy disorders including insomnia.

How to Grow Black Cherry Pie Strain

Growing In-House Genetics Black Cherry Pie cannabis seeds is easy as they’ve been purposely bred for stability. This F5 strain tends to stay short and squat, making it wonderful for indoor setups with limited space but outdoor growth can be a great choice as well. Responding well to topping and suitable for SOG or SCROG, whether you’re a beginner to the world of cannabis or a longtime member of the cultivating community, you shouldn’t have any issue getting A-grade results.

Black Cherry pie´s flowering time is eight-ten weeks from germination. It may not be the fastest bloomer but once fully grown, its lime green and rich purple shades are simply glorious. A high resin producer, its trichome-covered buds are brilliant for creating concentrates and, as Black Cherry Pie yields are also significant, you’ll have plenty of terp-rich product to spare.