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Chemdawg #4 x Pakistani Kush x Lemon Thai

by Humboldt Seed Organization

From Humboldt Seeds, Lost Coast OG is an evenly balanced, indica-leaning hybrid strain. An exotic mix of sativa and indica heritage that produces a potent body-stoned effect while leaving your mind clear enough for social interaction.

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Lost Coast OG Strain Genetics

Lost Coast OG is an indica-dominant hybrid by Californian breeder Humboldt Seeds, with genetic traits from Chemdawg #4, Pakistani Kush, and Lemon Thai.

Lost Coast OG Strain Terpene Profile

Lost Coast OG has a wonderfully rich and complex flavour profile that does its lineage justice.  Lemon Thai provides a fresh, fruity aroma of citrus and lemons, while the Kush genetics give it some spice and a musky, herbal bite.

This is all tied together by a pungent combination of earth and pinewood that it gets from its Chemdawg side.

Lost Coast OG Strain Effects

The effect of Lost Coast OG is strong and predominantly indica in nature. It soothes the body into a tranquil state of relaxation, while it also quiets the mind. The slightly less active sativa side of this strain ensures you will still be able to have a conversation and stay sociable.

Medical Benefits Lost Coast OG Strain

Lost Coast OG can help with symptoms of anxiety, stress or depression equally well as with pain or inflammation. It can also be used to reduce headaches and as an anti-inflammatory or pain reducer.

How to Grow Lost Coast OG Strain

Available as feminised seeds, Lost Coast OG is as comfortable indoors as outdoors. Although, she has no love for greenhouses, due to her susceptibility to mildew. Her buds can grow enormously large and become immensely heavy during the end of the flowering cycle, so you will do well to reinforce the flower-bearing side-branches and terminal colas.

Besides this, you should prune her thoroughly to maximize her yield. Indoors, she will flower in about 8 to 9 weeks.