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Lemon Kush x Thai

by Humboldt Seed Organization

Brought to you by Humboldt Seeds, Lemon Thai Kush is a powerful sativa-dominant hybrid strain. A mysterious combination of indica and sativa genetics, Lemon Thai Kush is a potent powerhouse with THC content pushing 20%. 

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Lemon Thai Kush Strain Genetics

Lemon Thai Kush by Humboldt Seed Organization is one of those hybrid strains of which nobody exactly knows its genetic heritage. Some say it’s a blend between a Lemon Kush and a Thai landrace sativa. Others swear it has more traits of a Haze and a White Widow combination.  

Lemon Thai Kush Strain Terpene Profile

No matter which genetic makeup you believe in, one thing is for sure – all plants sporting the Lemon Thai Kush moniker have a fresh lemon flavour and aroma that is supported by a sharp mix of spices, pepper, Cedar- and pinewood.  

Lemon Thai Kush Strain Effects

Another thing cannaisseurs agree on is the awesome cerebral effects Lemon Thai Kush has in store for all those who take a toke of it. The long-lasting mental high sparks creative thinking and produces a smile on everyone’s face.

Lemon Thai Kush Strain Medical Benefits

The best therapeutic application for Lemon Thai Kush is to help treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. Others report having successfully reduced their chronic migraines, back pains, or other pain-related issues.

How to Grow Lemon Thai Kush Strain

Available as both feminised seeds and regular seeds, Lemon Thai Kush is known as a high-yielding strain that produces thick, massive buds. This tall plant is suited for beginner growers who want to cultivate her indoors or in their garden. Lemon Thai Kush is mould and mildew resistant and has a shorter flowering period than most other Southeast Asian sativa phenotypes.