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Wipeout Express x Super Skunk

by Heavyweight Seeds

Fully Loaded Auto from the seeds co Heavyweight Seeds is an indica-leaning autoflowering seed with impressive genetics (including Wipeout Express) and an equally impressively potent buzz. A high THC strain, available in easy to grow, autoflowering feminised seeds, these evenly balanced hybrid feminised cannabis seeds are an increasingly popular choice in seeds banks throughout Europe thanks to their high-quality yields and mind-blowing highs!

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Fully Loaded Auto Strain Genetics

Fully Loaded seeds by Heavyweight Seeds has some truly outstanding genetics, as the child of an auto-flowering form of classic skunk strain Super Skunk, and famed cup winner, Wipeout Express, the latter, in turn, boasting cannabis cup winners Northern Lights and White Widow in its parental lineage.

With such a hallowed genetic background, Fully Loaded Auto feminised seeds have inherited many of the best qualities of its mother plants and comes ‘fully loaded’ with the potential to make a real name for itself as a top-shelf autoflowering seed with serious bag appeal. 

Fully Loaded Auto Strain Terpene Profile

The genetics and the heavy skunk characteristics of this auto feminised marijuana seed means we can make some very educated guesses on which terpenes might be present in Fully Loaded Auto seeds by heavyweight seeds.

The classic and intense herbal aromas, with a peppery aftertaste on exhale, are most likely to come from a combination of myrcene and caryophyllene. There is also a strong earthy tone in both the taste and the smell of Fully Loaded Auto, which we can safely assume is due to the likely presence of humulene.

Fully Loaded Auto Strain Effects

Heavyweight Seeds live up to their name again here, but while the effects of Fully Loaded Auto hit hard and fast, with a high THC content of 20%, this is not a strain that will stick you to the couch. Instead, you can expect an uplifting, upbeat high that is great for social situations, promoting a happy, chatty, giggly spirit that should last a long time, similar to its auntie, White Widow.

While this is a fine cannabis strain to enjoy at the end of the day when you’re winding down for bed, due to the famous relaxation properties of skunk strains, Fully Loaded Auto is also an excellent choice for earlier in the evening, before you get your party on, as it’ll keep your mood bright all night long.

Fully Loaded Auto Strain Medical Benefits

The use of Fully Loaded Auto as medical seeds comes first from the presence of high THC levels (around 20%) and relatively high CBD content (a little under 1%) which both interact with the endocannabinoid system and can aid in the relief of symptoms of stress and anxiety-related conditions.

The caryophyllene found in these feminised cannabis seeds also binds to cannabinoid receptors, and along with humulene, may provide pain relief. Myrcene, which is thought to be able to enhance the effects of terpenes and cannabinoids,  is also likely present here, possibly adding to the anti-stress and pain subduing potential of this Heavyweight Seeds hybrid cannabis strain.

How to Grow Fully Loaded Auto Strain

As an autoflowering cannabis flowering type, Fully Loaded Auto feminized seeds are comparatively easy to grow, delivering high-quality yields when grown both indoors and outdoors.

Fully Loaded auto offers a rapid flowering time of just eight weeks, delivering high-quality yields come harvest time with incredibly sticky, crystal-coated, resinous buds the fruits of your endeavour.