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Skunk #14 x Hindu Kush

by Heavyweight Seeds

Champion – This prize-winning, high in THC content, indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain from Heavyweight Seeds was designed to create the ultimate Cheese strain – a Cheese suitable for a champion, if you will. High in THC content with a uniquely, funky flavour, Heavyweight Seeds look to have delivered a potential indica champion strain truly worthy of its name.

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Champion Strain Genetics

With the intention of cultivating the ultimate Cheese strain type, Champion cannabis seeds (also known as Champions Cheese) is the result of combining the immensely popular skunk strain, Skunk #14 with the legendary Hindu Kush, a potent strain found in the genetics of numerous cup winners. 

These impressive genetics from two legendary mother plants combine to create a bushy, resilient plant that is durable and easy to grow, with a fast flowering time, just like its parents before it.

A high THC content (close to 20%) and generous resin production are just some of the more enticing traits that Champion has inherited, along with its remarkable flavour, and densely compact buds. 

Champion Strain Terpene Profile

While Heavyweight Seeds Champion is Instantly recognisable as a Cheese strain with its uniquely cheesy fragrance and musky taste, the terpene profile of Champion is still under analysis, but we can make educated guesses based on the traits of this impressive strain, combined with information from the cup winners in its genetic profile. 

Myrcene is likely to be behind the herbal, earthy muskiness while limonene adds a citrus touch which blends exquisitely with a mild touch of pepper. This peppery aroma, along with a spicy touch on the tongue on exhale, is likely caused by the presence of caryophyllene. Another prominent terpene that seems to affect both flavour and scent is pinene, another herby flavour, which adds an essence of woody pine to the aroma, and the taste on the exhale.

Ultimately, with its uniquely musky flavour and discernable aroma, this is a Champions Cheese strain befitting of its name.

Champion Strain Effects

With a Cheese strain, there are certain effects that you expect, and with a superior seed type like this high THC option, those effects are potentially even stronger. 

With a heavy THC count pushing 20%, and largely indica-dominant effects, Champions Cheese is a potent beast probably best savoured after a long-day of 21st-century grind. Perfect for the more experienced cannabis consumer, newcomers should moderate their dosage with this Heavyweight Seeds powerhouse.

Indeed, the powerful yet soothing, relaxing, full-body buzz of this indica-dominant hybrid strain is truly impressive, suitably justifying this strain’s hubristic name. 

Champion Strain Medical Benefits

Despite a low CBD content, there are a few possible medicinal properties to this hybrid cannabis strain, one of which is the potential to aid those who have insomnia. The high THC content, combined with the relaxing effects of myrcene and the reported anti-stress benefits of limonene, could assist in making sleep more comfortable. 

Caryophyllene and THC both bind to cannabinoid receptors and pinene and limonene are both popular folk and traditional medicine ingredients for counter-acting pain relief. As such, Champion could prove to be a potential medical marijuana choice for those suffering from chronic pain conditions, joint pain and migraines.

How to Grow Champion Seeds

As a photoperiod flowering type, these easy to grow, feminised seeds are remarkably high yielding with a fast flowering time; everything you would want as a grower! There is a lot of variety to growing options here with this hybrid strain from Heavyweight Seeds growing just as well indoors, using SOG or SCROG methods, or outdoors either in the fresh air or in greenhouses. 

Outdoor growers will need a reasonably warm climate for these cannabis seeds, while indoor growers won’t need too much space, as Champion plants grow dense and compact. 

These Champion feminised seeds should be ready to go in around 7-9 weeks (outdoor growers should see full bloom around late September) with a yield of 500-550gr/m2 for indoor growers and 700gr per plant in an outdoor environment.