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Blue Dream x Tangerine Dream

by Guru Seeds

Tangerine Blue Dream is a strain for cannaisseurs who want top pedigree lineage.  Tangerine Dream originally Created by Barney’s Farm, this award-winning hybrid promises large, heavy flowers, tangy citrus flavours, and a therapeutic high. The masters at Guru Seeds Company combined Tangerine Dream with the very potent Blue Dream Cannabis strain resulting equilibrium of Tangerine and Blueberries.

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Tangerine Blue Dream Genetics

Tangerine Dream cannabis strain is a three-way cross of G13, Afghani, and Neville’s A5 Haze. G13 and Afghani are both therapeutic indica strains which produce potent flowers even in harsh climates. A5 Haze, from Sensi Seed’s breeder Nevil Shoenmakers, originates from Neville’s Haze lineage. Combined, Barney’s Farm has created a flavoursome hybrid with balanced sativa and indica effects, and a short flowering time.

The growing Guru’s at the Guru Seeds Company they received Blue Dream F1 clones and combined this multiple cannabis cups winning cannabis strain and combined it with Tangerine Dream until a stable and high yielding strain.

Tangerine Blue Dream Terpene Profile

This cannabis strain is well known for its unique flavour and aroma. The strain has a sweet scent of tangerine and blueberries. When consumed, it offers a tropical cocktail of flavours with a tangy citrus taste and a soft sugary edge. This award-winning combination is recommended to cannaisseurs who appreciate high-grade flavours.

Tangerine Blue Dream Effects

Tangerine Blue Dream’s effect are relaxing and euphoric. Its mix of sativa and indica genetics make for a balanced high of cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation. Some find Tangerine Dream heavy body-buzz can lead to ‘couch locking’ effects. So, enjoy this strain best at the end of the day. 

Medical Benefits Tangerine Blue Dream

Marijuana Strain like this consists of mainly indica, so she retains many of the medicinal traits indica strains are known for. She may help alleviate muscle spasms from Multiple Sclerosis, joint pain and inflammation. This cannabis strain is also known for her couch-lock effect, which can aid in relieving anxiety and insomnia. Tangerine Blue Dream is also excellent for an increase in appetite and as a feeling of an elevated mood.

How to Grow Tangerine Blue Dream

Despite being a sativa-leaning hybrid, Tangerine Blue Dream has mainly indica growing characteristics. The plant has a sturdy structure and short internodal spacing perfect for plant training and limited space.

When flowering, Tangerine Blue Dream will stretch considerably, so pruning is advised to ensure maximum production.

In the final weeks of flowering, Tangerine Dream will fill out with an abundance of large-sized, resin coated buds which can be harvested in 8-10 weeks. This strain will grow well outdoors and in greenhouses, although best results are achieved in warmer climates of Southern Europe.