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Animal Cookies x Blue Power x Girl Scout Cookies

by Guru Seeds

From our very own Guru Seeds, Animal Mints is one of the world´s most famed cannabis strains. Boasting high THC levels and a truly legendary lineage, this indica-dominant hybrid has truly earned its place amongst cannabis royalty thanks to its unique, fresh minty flavour and potent, sedating effects.

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Animal Mints Strain Genetics

Animal Mints was first bred as a clone-only variety by Seed Junky and boasts some truly impressive genetics in its lineage including OG Kush and Durban Poison. A cross between Animal Cookies and a combination of the cannabis classic Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Power, this wonderful strain emerged as a well-balanced hybrid that offers euphoric THC levels pushing beyond 25%. 

Offering rapid flowering times and high yields, this hybrid has inherited many of the strengths in its lineage and as a result, has earned its place as cannabis royalty thanks to its wonderfully bright green frosted buds and tantalising vanilla, biscotti aroma. 

Animal Mints Strain Effects

While the Animal Mints strain is a well-balanced hybrid, it´s effects definitely lean heavily towards the indica spectrum, and with high THC levels, this strain is known to be particularly potent, even for the more experienced cannabis consumer.

Offering a burst of euphoria followed by a sense of deep relaxation, Animal Mints is definitely more suitable for evening usage given its inherently relaxing properties. 

Animal Mints Strain Terpene Profile

Detailed terpene analysis has shown that Animal Mints cannabis seeds contain 3 of the primary terpenes, namely myrcene, alpha-pinene and limonene.

Animal Mints really is a treat for the senses, and its scent has been compared to cookie dough and vanilla biscotti, with hints of diesel, nut and mint undertones.

An undeniable delight, Animal Mints certainly delivers in the flavour department, ably balancing the scent and flavour of its parent strains, this wonderful hybrid delivers an intensely sweet aroma, with a fresh mint flavour that follows on the exhale.

Medical Benefits Animal Mints Strain

A popular choice of medical marijuana, Animal Mints offer several potential medicinal applications, including both pain relief and insomnia. 

High THC levels ensured this strain is highly effective as a pain reliever while its ability to offer deep relaxation has also helped those suffering from mental health issues like stress and anxiety. 

Finally, the primary reason that many people use the Animal Mints strain as a form of medical marijuana is for its impressive ability to alleviate insomnia. By relaxing the body and mind, Animal Mints is a highly effective sedater and if consumed near bed-time, should ensure a long and uninterrupted nights rest. 

How to Grow Animal Mints Seeds

The combination of indica and sativa genetics means that the plant grows vigorously both vertically and horizontally, making indoor cultivation somewhat challenging.

However, more experienced growers will see impressive results when growing Animal Mints with SOG techniques, but even then, maintaining proper airflow and light penetration on the undergrowth will take some work.

Available in feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds, Animal Mints marijuana seeds are ready for harvest at about 8-10 weeks from germination. Yields are well above average at around 500gr/m2, offering frosty green buds that are both thick and coated with potent resin.