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Purple Punch x Clementine

by Guru Fire

A colourful sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain from our own limited edition Guru Fire collection, Mimosa is an acclaimed hybrid that boasts a fruity and tangy flavour profile worthy of its name. However, it’s the potent THC level and intoxicating effects that make sure this one stands out from the crowd.

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Mimosa Strain Genetics

The parents of Mimosa cannabis seeds have each handed down notable traits to their beloved offspring. From Purple Punch – an epic strain that is the product of Grandaddy Purple and OG Kush genetics – comes the uplifting, euphoric, and long-lasting high as well as compact, indica-style plants with main central colas.

As for Clementine, well, as the name of this Tangie and Lemon Skunk cross suggests, it’s the tart citrus orange flavour the takes precedent, along with the high yields we expect from a high-quality sativa. In combination, these Cannabis Cup winning genetics make Mimosa a cannabis strain that has everything!

Mimosa Strain Terpene Profile

There are two different flavour and aroma profiles you’ll notice with Mimosa, one on the way in and the other on the way out. Both are fruity as anything, but with very different supporting casts. Expect a tangy, citrusy, somewhat peppery vibe that will tickle your tonsils and tantalize your tastebuds on the inhale. On exhale, a herbal, floral tone joins those sweet orange flavours.

This intriguing mix of scents and tastes comes as a result of a rich terpene profile that includes terpinolene, limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene amongst the abundant terps.

Mimosa Strain Effects

Mimosa comes with a rapid one-two fruit punch of relaxation and unbound euphoria. Tread carefully, however, the THC content – which sits somewhere between 25% and 30% – ensures this is a hard-hitting strain and one that it would behove you to take little by little.

As long as you do, you will be rewarded with a long-lasting high that takes you through the evening and night, combining a giggly head high with a heavy full-body buzz. So pull up a comfy chair, surround yourself with your favourite people, and you’ll have the night of a lifetime!

Mimosa Strain Medical Benefits

Purple Punch is one of the most popular medicinal cannabis strains around, and those medical marijuana genetics have been passed down to Mimosa. One of the most reported potential health benefits is in aiding certain stomach discomfort, especially when it comes to limiting feelings of nausea.

Another potential benefit of the rich cannabinoid and terpene profiles of this Purple Punch x Clementine marijuana strain is supporting those living with insomnia. Not only the sleepy sensation of the high THC level but also the possible anxiety-relieving properties of terpenes like limonene may aid in falling (and staying) asleep.

How to Grow Mimosa Strain Seeds

These feminized Mimosa marijuana seeds are a very different animal depending if you’re growing inside or out, but either way, you’ll be delighted with the results! Indoors, the indica traits are more apparent, with plants rarely growing above a metre high while still presenting an impressive indoor yield of 700gr/m2 within a 10-week flowering time.

When grown outside or in greenhouses, mid-October is the expected outdoor harvest time. The plants here are much more sativa in their appearance. Growing up above two metres in some cases. The main central colas are still packed tight here, potentially giving a mammoth outdoor yield of 2,000gr per plant, which is frankly outrageous!

Quality and quantity can be expected here, with the green and purple-hued nugs being coated in orange postils and resinous trichomes and giving off less than discreet scents of herbs and tangy orange – so some kind of anti-aroma method is recommended. A must-have for your wishlist and your shopping cart!