Buy Purple Lemonade Auto strain seeds

Californian Purple x Citrus

by Fast Buds

Fastbuds Seeds most meticulously crafted purple genetic to date, Purple Lemonade Auto is an indica-leaning cannabis hybrid with vivid and complex colouration, time-saving autoflowering genetics, and a tangy lemon taste you’ll want to drink by the glass.

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Purple Lemonade Auto Genetics

Purple Lemonade Auto lineage blends the best of top-shelf Californian Purple and Citrus genetics with the Fastbuds Seed bank’s own secret autoflowering recipe to create a grow-friendly, indica-leaning purple strain that kills in both the flavour and effects department. Producing hefty green and purple plants that absolutely scream top quality, thirsty cultivators seeking sublime flavours, fantastic effects but with minimum effort may have just found their brand new tipple.

This picture-perfect purple Cali cultivar is now available from MGS as autoflowering seeds and suits various purposes. Whether you’re growing for medical use, recreational fun, or just fancy some extra decoration for the garden, Purple Lemonade Auto marijuana seeds tick all the boxes while offering stress-free growth in record time.

Purple Lemonade Auto Strain Terpene Profile

The ideal sweet-tooth strain, Purple Lemonade Auto aroma, is a bubbly blend of pine and zesty citrus flavours that tickle the nose and tingle the throat. This refreshing fizzy drink profile is also strongly expressed in the plant’s delicious flavour, which is sweet and tart with an acidic lemony tang that cuts through sugar, skunk and spice accents. One for sugar junkies and soda jerks – this pheno is prime pickings for folks who favour sour fruit and the sugary taste of summer. 

A sour citrus taste is typical in many cannabis strains and largely the product of limonene – a monoterpene that’s often used as a flavouring agent or added to perfumes and lotions to give them a lemony fragrance. Purple Lemonade Auto dominant terpenes also include alpha-pinene, linalool, and myrcene, all of which have similar industrial uses along with potent physiological effects.

Purple Lemonade Auto Strain Effects

Although a slightly indica-dominant phenotype, Purple Lemonade effects also features subtle sativa kicks in addition to a traditional body stone. Opening with a shot of intense cerebral electricity, its initial uplifting effects will quickly whip you into a fit of giggles before a wave of relaxation washes over. These physical effects won’t leave you drowsy or couch-locked like some strains unless you overdo it, meaning this happy-go-lucky cultivar is excellent for sharing with friends without fear of crashing out.

According to Fastbuds, Purple Lemonade Auto THC level is approximately 22%, so even though it can be an excellent option for a daytime smoke or early evening buzz, low-tolerance users are advised to savour this refreshing treat in small doses. Thankfully, many of the adverse effects that can accompany potent cannabis strains are reduced in Purple Lemonade owing to its unique cannabinoid content and high levels of alpha-pinene.

Purple Lemonade Auto Strain Medical Benefits

The serotonin-boosting effects brought on by THC and amplified by terpenes like limonene give Purple Lemonade Auto medical seeds a variety of medicinal applications relating to mood. Depression affects more than 300 million people worldwide, and medical science has only recently begun to recognise the tremendous potential cannabis can have in treating this esteem-killing condition. Strains like Purple Lemonade can offer immediate alleviation from its symptoms without any heavy sedative effects. 

Purple Lemonade Auto medical benefits also extend to conditions like glaucoma, PTSD, and anxiety disorders. Although some high THC/low CBD strains can increase anxiousness and paranoia, thanks to terpenes like alpha-pinene, which can offset these adverse effects, its calming effect on the central nervous system can help high-stress patients relieve feelings of tension and worry without the need for pharmaceutical drugs.

How to Grow Purple Lemonade Auto Strain

Growing Purple Lemonade Auto cannabis seeds is easy for all types of growers as this autoflower variety thrives equally well indoors and out and requires very little input once in the ground. Reaching around 70-110cm in height, it makes a bold decorative addition to any grow space with its deep purple shades, orange pistils, giant sugar leaves, and pink trichome-coated flowers. With great internodal spacing, it also makes an excellent candidate for LST, with multiple chunky bud sites forming around its bright green stem, adding further to the colour contrast. 

Once its chunky purple buds are cut and cured, Purple Lemonade Auto yields will amount to around 400-500gr/m2 under optimum conditions, and although this sturdy grower will flourish without extra nutrients, a quality feeding once in a while will go a long way. Its short and stocky indica growth pattern means you won’t need much space to cultivate this purple monster, and thanks to added ruderalis genetics from Fastbuds, Purple Lemonade Auto-flowering time has been cut to a trim nine-ten week from germination.