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Green Crack x Ruderalis

by Fast Buds

As the name suggests, CBD Crack is both high in the therapeutic cannabinoid CBD and has a wonderful fruity flavor that will keep you coming back for more. Great for in the daytimes, with low THC.

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CBD Crack Strain Genetics

Descending from the legendary sativa/indica hybrid, Green Crack, CBD Crack is Fast Buds‘ first CBD strain. She carries indica traits when growing (beautiful coloration and pine-tree shape) and the light and the fruity flavors of a good sativa. As she is an autoflower, like most of Fast Buds strains, she probably has some Ruderalis in there too. Wrapped up in this is a well balanced 1:1 THC/CBD ratio, meaning she promises great effects and good yields, while keeping you chilled out and well grounded.

CBD Crack Strain Terpene Profile

A flavor sensation. There must be a whopping amount of the terpene Myrcene in here, because the overwhelming aroma and taste is mango. Eat a mango while enjoying a bowl of this to amplify the effect. You will get hints of citrus and spicy cinnamon in there too.

CBD Crack Strain Effects

Perfect for waking & baking, this strain is good for any time of day, or night! The high CBD level makes her mellow and chilled out, but the THC balances it out (1:1) to make it a focused, creative and enabling high. Altogether, lovely for blowing the cobwebs out of your head and getting on with stuff in a productive yet stress-free way.

Medical Benefits CBD Crack Strain

For medicinal users who want to feel medicated but not stoned – think anxiety-free, mellow, with pain relieved and productivity maximized – this has the potential to help enormously. CBD averages 7%! This cannabinoid has built up a reputation thanks to its reportedly anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory qualities.

The THC level has been stabilized at a very low 7% to match (1:1) so that you can still reap the pain relief qualities of this latter cannabinoid without having to worry about paranoia, slowness or generally feeling dopey. Instead, you should feel clear-headed and active.

How to Grow CBD Crack Seeds

CBD Crack will not grow tall but she can broaden out sideways. If you train her a little, so that she gets light all the way down, and take off any very large shade leaves you should get some nice colas developing across the whole plant. Work out a good feeding regime for when she comes into flower (starting lightly after the first two weeks, and building up from there).

CBD Crack’s buds will begin to get nice and frosty early on and should be ready to harvest by week ten or eleven. Cure well to maximize her lovely flavor.