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Skunk #1 x Afghani #1

by Humboldt Seed Organization

When naming a cannabis strain, a little bit of shock value can go a long way and while this potent sativa leaning hybrid strain was first-known as Green Cush, following a re-dub by famed cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg, now goes by its controversial Green Crack monicker because of its intense, energising effects. A welcome addition to our seeds bank, this hugely popular, easy to grow feminized cannabis sativa strain from Humboldt Seeds, is not to be missed!

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Green Crack Strain Genetics

While there is no mistaking the potency of this sativa-dominant hybrid, the origins of these famed feminized marijuana seeds are somewhat disputed. Having been originally bred in Athens, GA in the 1970s, it is said to be the descendent of indica strains including the legendary Skunk #1, as well as having some Afghani landrace indica in its background. 

Inheriting the finest qualities of its two parent strains, Green Crack has a typically indica bud structure, with dense buds that are small and clustered rather than chunky. 

Green Crack Strain Terpene Profile

The sweet, earthy and citrus-like fragrance of this potent hybrid strain can be attributed to the terpenes contained in this sativa-dominant legend.  The presence of spicy, peppery caryophyllene, musky, piney myrcene and limonene helps to generate a delightful citrusy aroma with mellow undertones of pine.

A smooth smoke, Green Crack also offers slight tanginess on the palate, somewhat reminiscent of mango. On the exhale, there is a somewhat hashy and spicy, taste, further evidence of the Afghani genetics in its lineage.

Green Crack Strain Effects

As the name suggests and being a sativa strain with a THC level pushing 20%, Green Crack offers up some seriously energising effects for both body and mind despite the indica strains in its genetic background.

Consumers of this sativa leaner will experience a boost in energy that is quickly manifested into an improved cerebral mindset. Got some boring housework to do? A little Green Crack could make those mundane tasks that little bit more interesting! Inspiring a sense of improved focus and imagination, it can also help to inspire your creative projects. 

Medical Benefits Green Crack Strain

The powerful high offered by this hybrid strain makes it an interesting choice of medical cannabis and may help to cope with social anxiety, stress or symptoms of depression. And with its high THC level, It can also help to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain and muscle spasms.

How to Grow Green Crack Strain

Available in feminized seeds, Green Crack cannabis seeds are easy to grow for beginners, as long as they are provided with an environment that is low in humidity. This is advised due to this strain’s sensitivity to powdery mildew. Extra ventilation will help to prevent fungal infection as well. Due to its tendency to stretch quite a bit during the vegetative state, you might want to prune this potent plant early in its development to prevent excessive plant height.

Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds will do well in an outdoor environment in healthy soils with lots of space for roots to develop while a rapid flowering time of just eight weeks will impress even the most impatient of cannabis growers with a generous yield of over 500gm2.