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Cookies x Mint Chocolate Chip

by Exotic Genetix

One of many Gorilla Glue descendants to recently arrive from the Exotic Genetix seeds company, Truffle Monkey is a super stinky sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid with a candy-coloured appeal that makes a beautiful addition to any growing garden.   


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Truffle Monkey Strain Genetics

Another welcome addition to Exotic Genetix’ Grease Monkey line-up, Truffle Monkey pairs the seed company’s signature Cookies strain with an old favourite from their 2018 Mint Chocolate Chip additions. 

Joining Grease Monkey this time is Tropic Truffle, an aesthetically beautiful, but incredibly strong-smelling strain that blends Mint Chocolate Chip with Tropicanna Cookies – an Oni Seeds co.original bred from GSC and Tangie. When paired, these two GG strains give Truffle Monkey its chocolatey appeal, pretty colours, and excellent growth genetics that make it a superb choice for your next plant-based project.

Truffle Monkey Strain Terpene Profile

Truffle Monkey borrows elements from both its parent plant’s exotic olfactory profiles, but its pungent smell may not be for everyone. Tropic Truffle is famed for its odiferous orange tang, which might make your eyes water, but its taste evokes cake and chocolate marshmallows and is highly sought by cannabis connoisseurs. Meanwhile, Grease Monkey offers a combination of sweet and diesel accents that further define its flavour.

These strong tastes and smells come courtesy of caryophyllene terpenes, along with limonene, myrcene and terpinolene – a rare terpene that gives some cannabis strains like Truffle Monkey, their ammonia-like intensity.

Truffle Monkey Strain Effects

Truffle Monkey blends the lazy, hungry indica-dominant high of Grease Monkey with a mentally uplifting sativa kick. GG strains tend to offer a predominantly cerebral experience and this hybridized offshoot is no exception. However, with continued use, the focused effects of this strain are soon overwhelmed by physical relaxation that can send even seasoned users to sleep. 

With this in mind, Truffle Monkey can be enjoyed throughout the day without affecting motivation and mental clarity but is best saved for later for those with a little less self-control.

Truffle Monkey Strain Medical Benefits

Truffle Monkey cannabis seeds exhibit many of the same medical qualities as their Grease Monkey parent plant, with its sativa typical properties offering additional therapeutic benefits.   

While patients with chronic pain and nausea may benefit the most from these medical seeds thanks to their high B-caryophyllene content, the strain can also provide an increased mental focus that can help ease the harsher symptoms of ADHD. 

How to Grow Truffle Monkey Strain

Where Truffle Monkey female seeds are concerned, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Tropic Truffle was specifically selected from the Exotic Genetix seed bank for its pleasing appearance, and its descendent is equally beautiful. With a quick flowering time of just 9 weeks and producing hefty yields of frosty buds painted in contrasting lime green and purple hues that give it a candy-striped aesthetic, these feminized seeds are perfect for brightening up your grow space.

A medium-tall strain with a bushy, multi-topped flowering style, and makes a great option for the SOG method of cultivation. Thought suitable for almost all conditions, its pungent smell may require additional ventilation for those opting to grow indoors, but irrespective of what method you opt to cultivate, these feminized seeds from Exotic Genetix are a wonderful option for marijuana growers both old and new.