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California Orange x Skunk #1

by Big Head Seeds

Tangie is a multiple cannabis cup-winning feminized marijuana hybrid from the Big Head Seeds co that offers a rapid flowering time with a delightful orange scent and heady cerebral impact thanks, in part,  to an impressively high THC level. With its sativa-dominant effects inspiring sociability and creative inspiration, the perfect marijuana muse is just around the corner.

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Tangie Strain Genetics

Claiming first prize in the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup, Tangie feminized marijuana seeds from the Big Head Seeds seed company comes from impressive stock with fans of the iconic Tangerine Dream feeling right at home with these marijuana seeds. Purpose bred to emulate this highly sought-after phenotype, this citrus strain is the offspring of two time-tested hybrids, with a genetic profile dating back to the heyday of commercial cannabis. 

California Orange, a classic sativa-dominant phenotype, is responsible for Tangie feminized marijuana seeds’ delicious flavour and energising influence. Skunk #1, another old school cannabis cup winning strain and the genetic cornerstone of countless cannabis hybrids, further augments these uplifting effects, making it the perfect party plant.

Tangie Strain Terpene Profile

Just like California Orange and its precursor, Tangerine Dream, the Tangie cannabis strain takes its name from its sunkissed citrus smell. Caused by high concentrations of limonene and myrcene, these strong orange accents carry through to the plant’s exotic flavour, which mixes tropical fruitiness with an unmistakable tangerine taste.    

Alpha-pinene and caryophyllene provide the plant’s herbal finish, making this sweet and sour hybrid the optimum choice for fans of fruity strains like Mango Haze and Orange Cream.

Tangie Strain Effects

Its mixed heritage has given Tangie cannabis strain an energising impact that makes it ideal for shared enjoyment and social butterflies. As a sativa-dominant strain with a high THC level of 20-25%, its approach is mentally focused and powerfully cerebral.

Artistic individuals will appreciate the Tangie strain’s stimulating qualities, which evoke a powerful sense of happiness, fuelling creativity and creative inspiration. These uplifting effects are replaced by a relaxing, indica-typical high in the later stages, allowing users to unwind and destress.   

Tangie Strain Medical Benefits

THC is known to stimulate appetite receptors in the gut and brain, which makes high THC strains like the Tangie strain useful for digestive problems and a lack of appetite. These medical benefits are complemented by the presence of myrcene; another hunger-boosting compound famed for its sedative influence. Myrcene-rich strains like this one are also great for treating insomnia.

Tangie’s main medical benefit stems from its energising effects. Limonene terpenes that give sour strains like Tangie and Lemon Haze their citrus smell are thought to boost serotonin levels, potentially easing the symptoms of social anxiety and depression.

How to Grow Tangie Seeds

Strong sativa genetics means these feminized Tangie marijuana seeds can grow particularly tall with a plant height pushing five metres. It’s also mould resistant, making outside growth the ideal option and experienced cultivators should consider the SCROG method for maximum gains. However, indoor cultivation is certainly possible with nutrient-rich soil and proper maintenance.

While this might not be a particularly easy to grow cultivar, a little love and care goes a long way with these feminised cannabis seeds and attentive growers can expect a bounty of green and orange buds crystalised with sparkling, ice white trichomes. A rapid flowering type with high yields of 450-550g/m², Tangie seeds have a flowering period of around nine weeks (or around late September).

Recommended for those with a bit of cannabis growing experience, try these fast flowering Tangie marijuana feminised seeds for a challenging, but highly rewarding growing experience.