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Biscotti x Wedding Cake

by Elev8 Seeds

An all-new cannabis strain from Elev8 Seeds, Biscotti Cake is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has blended legendary genetics to create a unique and sensational flavour profile. This high THC level feminized strain provides high yields of dense, purple buds with a thick coat of crystal trichomes.

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Biscotti Cake Strain Genetics

Biscotti Cake is not the most original named strain, gained as it is from its proud heritage, which combines Elev8 Seeds’ Biscotti cut with the much-loved seed bank mainstay, Wedding Cake (also known as Pink Cookies). Both parent strains are rich in Girl Scout Cookie genetics, with a dose of OG Kush coming from the Biscotti side, ensuring a blend of classic flavours and aromas.

The Biscotti Cake lineage doesn’t only help with flavour. It also ensures an impressively high yield and a fast flowering time (both of which feel more indica traits than sativa). Also handed down from the mother strains of Biscotti Cake marijuana seeds are a high THC content and a multi-faceted buzz.

Biscotti Cake Strain Terpene Profile

Some marijuana strains are just born lucky, and Elev8’s Biscotti Cake certainly earns a place on that list, being the child of two terpene-rich cannabis seeds. The Biscotti Cake dominant terpenes help to create a unique and outstanding blend of smells and tastes.

The heavy cookies influence is present throughout, with the combination of limonene and caryophyllene providing that sweet, creamy, lemon-tinged flavour, complete with a robust and spice-tinted aroma on the exhale. The kush influence to the Biscotti Cake aroma comes mainly from myrcene, which provides that herbal edge to proceedings, especially on the inhale where it tickles the throat in the most nostalgic of ways.

Biscotti Cake Strain Effects

The Biscotti Cake THC level crosses well over the 20% mark, and the effects of this cannabis strain make sure you know about it! Expect a powerful, potent, relaxing high to kick in quickly and hang about for a long old time.

This sativa-dominant hybrid is perfect for the end of a hard day of work, aiding in the wind down before bed while creating a sense of euphoria from the brain to the bones. Not a daytime strain by any stretch, Biscotti Cake is for when you have finished everything you needed to do, and it’s time to reward yourself for a productive day, and what a reward it is!

Biscotti Cake Strain Medical Benefits

Biscotti Cake medical benefits start with the high THC level and continue with the terpene profile. Like GSC and OG Kush before it (both proud great-grandparents, we’re sure!) Biscotti Cake feminized seeds have the potential to aid in the reduction of pain relating to fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions, working with the body to enhance pain control and promote relief from symptoms.

Biscotti Cake may also aid mental health with caryophyllene and limonene (along with THC) thought to aid in alleviating symptoms of depression, helping to lift the mood and assisting focus on a day-to-day basis.

How to Grow Biscotti Cake Strain Seeds

Indica strains are usually the faster flowering cannabis seeds, but Biscotti Cake bucks the trend, a sativa-heavy strain, the Biscotti Cake flowering time is as little as eight weeks when grown indoors. Responding well to SOG and SCROG growing methods, these durable plants need only occasional pruning from the grower, as they can grow tall and wide when left untamed.

Outdoor growing is also possible here, with the sturdy plants handling the elements well, within reason. Those growing Biscotti Cake feminized seeds outdoors or in greenhouses can expect to harvest in early October in most cases. The Biscotti Cake yield will please all types of gardener, expect up to 500g/m2 indoors, and an outdoor yield in the region of 600g per plant. Dense, hefty, purple buds will greet you at harvest time, with a crystal-white coat.