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Frisian Dew x Duck's Foot

by Dutch Passion

Frisian Duck has been stabilized by Dutch Passion to produce a bushy-Christmas tree shaped plant, who’s ‘duck-feet’ foliage and dense purple buds make her hard to recognize as cannabis! With a piney scent and a decent high, she is growing in popularity among gardeners and smokers alike.

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Frisian Duck Strain Genetics

Dutch Passion took Frisian Dew (first bred from Super Skunk x Purple Star) and crossed it with Duck’s Foot to get Frisian Duck. Frisian Duck has inherited its purple colouration and euphoric lift from the former; and its uniquely shaped leaves and its name, from the latter.

Frisian Duck Strain Terpene Profile

Massive, dense, blue-purple colas convert into resin-filled, brown bud once cured; with noticeable, little, minty, webbed leaves. The aroma is very foresty (plenty of the terpene Pinene) with spice and pepper. There are also citrus overtones which come through in the taste.

Frisian Duck Strain Effects

A good, decent high can be expected from Frisian Duck. Heady and mainly clear, like a sativa; you will feel relaxed, happy and energetic. It is quite a light high and isn’t that long-lasting, but can be great for blowing the cobwebs out of your head in the morning or lifting moods on gloomy days.

Medical Benefits Frisian Duck Strain

Likely to induce appetite, in part due to its strong indica grandparents, Frisian Duck can be helpful when looking to increase weight. Its decent THC ratio, 14-17% on average, isn’t too high for those worried about inducing anxiety and its sativa like effects may also be good for easing headaches and for general pain relief. With a CBD ratio of 1-5%, it’s a high scorer there too.

The medical benefits of CBD have drawn a lot of attention in recent years, with potential uses ranging from alleviating symptoms of depression to reducing inflammation.

How to Grow Frisian Duck Strain

Dutch Passion has bred this strain to be particularly suitable for outdoor cultivation. The unusual shape of Frisian Duck’s leaves means they don’t look like regular cannabis throughout vegetation; handy if you want to keep your grow discreet. She’s not even very pungent.

Growing large and sturdy, she can show lovely purple colouration. Frisian Duck is also good for novice gardeners, she’s not fussy and both grows and flowers easily before producing big yields.