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Grandaddy Purps x Orange Bud

by Dutch Passion

Created initially as feminized photoperiod seed variety by Dutch Passion, Critical Orange Punch is a truly remarkable indica sativa hybrid strain that is characterised by its potency, spectacularly fruity aroma and impressive yield. An easy to grow plant, this delightfully delicious choice (one of High Times top 10 Strains of 2018) is the product of an impressive genetic background that will arouse the senses of even the most experienced of cannabis connoisseurs and potent strain hunters. 

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Critical Orange Punch Strain Genetics

This spectacular Dutch Passion strain is the result of some seriously impressive breeding techniques and DNA genetics – A cross of the Californian staple Grandaddy Purps and another Dutch Passion star, Orange Bud, Critical Orange Punch´s structure and yield potential was further enhanced by the addition of the legendary XXL yielding Spanish strain, Critical Bilbo (winner of multiple cannabis cups) allowing even inexperienced or beginner cultivators the opportunity to grow cannabis and achieve a bountiful harvest of resinous and dense cannabis buds.

The final product is a truly impressive mix of Bilbo, Purps and Orange Bud – a high yielding indica sativa hybrid that even earned a place in the High Times top 10 Auto Strains of 2018. 

Critical Orange Punch Strain Effects

As the name suggests, Critical Orange Punch certainly packs something of a “punch” and with its rich genetic history, offers consumers a long-lasting euphoric high that combines the indica effects of its parent, Grandaddy Purps and Orange Bud, a wonderfully uplifting sativa.

Indeed, the blend of the sweet sativa seed, OrangeBud (a direct descendent of the skunk family) and Critical Bilbo (a multiple cannabis cup winner), two strains famed for their cerebral and euphoric highs combined with the deep physical relaxation delivered by Grandaddy Purple helps to give this potent hybrid its unique effects.

An impressively potent seed variety, with THC content pushing 20%, Critical Orange Punch marijuana seeds are considered ideal for the more experienced cannabis consumer while the strains cannabinoid profile that includes the terpenes myrcene and pinene make this indica sativa hybrid a  potentially great choice for pain and stress.

Critical Orange Punch Strain Terpene Profile

With its rich parental lineage, Critical Orange Punch carries a strong terpene profile that inherits myrcene, caryophyllene and pinene from its Grandaddy parent. These terpenes are responsible for these delicious seeds piney, somewhat earthy aroma as well as its delightful citrus-like flavour. 

Critical Orange Punch Strain Medical Benefits

Critical Orange Punch is thought to be an effective treater of pain, inflammation and stress. High THC strains are thought to be particularly effective in treating pain while its parents, Grandaddy Purps and Orange Bud are famed for their stress killing ability.

How to Grow Critical Orange Punch Seeds

A stable XXL yielding variety that is easy to grow, even in less than ideal conditions, Critical Orange Punch marijuana seeds can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors and typically blooms within 8-10 weeks. Thanks to its impressive genetic lineage, Critical Orange Punch is durable and generally resistant to plagues, fungi and disease.

This fairly tall, (up to 150 cm) yet resilient Dutch Passion indica sativa seed strain is considered relatively easy to grow under a wide range of nutrient/growing conditions and should produce a high yield of commercial-style, thick, dense and sticky buds.

Even if you don´t have much confidence to grow cannabis, Critical Orange Punch could be a fine place to cut your teeth!