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Purple Urkle x Big Bud

by Big Head Seeds

Sometimes known as Grand Daddy Purple, Daddy Purp or simply GDP, Granddaddy Purple is one of the most famous and loved  ‘purple’ Indica hybrid strains. Known for its remarkable bud structure, delightful berry aroma and oversized flowers, these are not your regular cannabis seeds. Indeed, growers of the Granddaddy Purple marijuana seed are sure to enjoy the wonderfully dreamy effect it has on both the mind and the body. With a reasonable flowering time and a more moderate THC level, this 3x Green Cup winner is a guaranteed favourite amongst individuals who love to grow seeds in an indoor environment.

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Granddaddy Purple Strain Genetics

Originally developed by Ken Estes back in 2003, Granddaddy Purple has since become one of the most popular cannabis seeds in America. This is thanks, in part, to its unique DNA genetics – a cross between two legendary indica strains – the Californian classic, Purple Urkle and the fabled Big Bud.

The former of these two cuts means that all those who grow Granddaddy Purple seeds will be treated to vibrant colours and ripe berry flavours. The latter, on the other hand, ensures growers can look forward to fantastic high yielding seeds plus plenty of plump, oversized buds upon maturation.

Granddaddy Purple Strain Terpene Profile

The interplay between different terpenes makes Grandaddy Purple a strain that’s as complex as it is intriguing. Ripe grapes and wild berries are a couple of its most notable fragrances, no doubt passed on as a result of its Purple Urkle lineage.

Herbal notes and a subtle peppery undertone can also be detected, due to the presence of caryophyllene and myrcene; two terpenes that are recognised within the medical community for their pain-relieving properties. More astute users may even notice a hint of sweet spices upon exhaling.

Funky, fruity and full-flavoured, Grandaddy Purple backs up its Hollywood-appearance with an arousing aroma and deeply satisfying taste.

Granddaddy Purple Strain Effects

Granddaddy Purple plants produce buds that impart several mellow yet surprisingly all-encompassing effects. A reduction in pain or nausea and assistance with lack of appetite is commonly reported by consumers of GDP.

When it comes to your mental state, everyone who buys Grand Daddy Purple strain marijuana seeds and cultivates them should expect increased mental relaxation. This will then transform into an alert head buzz that’s great for when you need to focus or undertake a creative activity.

With a THC level that ranges between 17%-20%, Granddaddy Purple is the perfect choice for those of you searching for high-quality seeds online that offer a classic high that starts slow but finishes strong.

Granddaddy Purple Strain Medical Benefits

While there’s no such thing as a “cure-all” plant, Granddaddy Purple may just be one of the most beneficial strains you can smoke when it comes to medical marijuana varieties.

Not only does it promote calm, but it’s also known to increase hunger levels, which is essential for anyone undergoing treatment or suffering from issues that lead to a lack of appetite. Granddaddy Purple is also used medically by consumers looking to treat pain, stress, insomnia, and muscle spasms.

As far as medical marijuana goes, Grand Daddy Purps is certainly considered to be one of the more effective and versatile cannabis strains available today.

How to Grow Grandaddy Purple Strain

Grandaddy Purple can certainly be considered a fairly easy to grow seed. Indeed, Granddaddy Purple Seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors and can handle both warm or cool climates. That being said, its DNA genetics dictate that for the best results, you should keep this classic purple strain in a dry environment with humidity between 50-55% and temperatures in the mid-70s.

As for flowering time, those big purple buds you’ve been waiting for will appear around the 60-70 day mark. At this point, you’ll get to witness the bloom of royal purple flowers set against a background of crystallised sugar-white resin. Pay attention to the enormous buds generated that can actually weigh the plant down. If you see this happening, be prepared to lend some support.

Like most indica strains, this exceptionally high yielding seeds will develop into a short and bushy plant. This is just another reason why Granddaddy Purp indica seeds are better suited to an indoor setting.