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Afghani #1

by DNA Genetics

OG LA Affie is a pure indica strain that produced the legendary strain LA Confidential. For years It’s been kept under lock and key by the original LA growers. Now, thanks to DNA Genetics, it has been made available in feminized seed form.

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OG LA Affie Strain Genetics

OG LA Affie’s ancestry can be traced back to the indica landrace Afghani strain. Although it was originally cross-bred in Los Angeles, it would take many years before DNA Genetics got their green hands on a cutting of this strain, to make it available in seed form.

Besides the fact that this means we can now start growing OG LA Affie ourselves, it also brought us the legendary LA Confidential strain.

OG LA Affie Strain Terpene Profile

The Afghani heritage is very noticeable in the earthy, woody aroma of OG LA Affie. The spicy pepper and sweet herbal hash-like taste give it a real bite, while the high levels of the terpene myrcene provide this strain with a lovely sweet scent of fresh mango.   

OG LA Affie Strain Effects

OG LA Affie gives you a whopper of a cerebral high. So much so, you’d think it is a sativa, instead of a pure indica. You will feel an instant euphoric rush of energy run through your brain and body. Meanwhile, it eases your muscles and nerves into a warm bath of tranquillity. This, almost psychedelic rush slowly subsides throughout the duration of the high and transitions into a sedating state of bliss and sleepiness. This is partly due to the high concentration of the terpene myrcene present in the OG LA Affie strain.

Medical Benefits OG LA Affie Strain

OG LA Affie seems to be purposely built for medicinal use. The symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression are reduced on the spot and lets you forget your troubles. It eases physical pain and can be used for a whole list of medical disorders like; Arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, MS or Parkinson’s Disease.

How to Grow OG LA Affie Strain

Available in feminized seeds, OG LA Affie loves nutrients. This means you can go crazy fattening her up, to make her grow full and bushy. Just make sure you trim the large fan leaves in the latter stage of the flower cycle, to assure the maximum of light gets to the lower buds. This way you will reach the optimum yield. The result will be a plant with dark green leaves and thick, dense buds that are extremely resinous.