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Afghani #1 x OG LA Affie

by DNA Genetics

Brought to you by DNA Genetics, LA Confidential is a powerful, potent and pure indica strain. With its light green and purple leaves, LA Confidential is loved by growers and hash makers alike, for its thick and dense buds that sport a sticky, frosty white coat of trichomes.

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LA Confidential Strain Genetics

This pure indica wonder strain by DNA Genetics is the result of a marriage between the Landrace indica Afghani and another, equally fantastic indica called OG LA Affie.

LA Confidential Strain Terpene Profile

Experienced cannabis consumers can instantly recognize a true indica by its spicy and herbal aroma. With the presence of pinene, La Confidential´s scent is reminiscent of a damp pinewood forest and offers a powerful and truly unique flavour.

LA Confidential Strain Effects

Like any true indica, LA Confidential has a sedative and body-relaxing effect that eases all your pains and sorrows, leaving you feeling mellow and relaxed. If that’s not enough and you want to zone-out completely and reach that catatonic state, you only need to take a couple more puffs, and you’re there!

LA Confidential Strain Medical Benefits

LA Confidential is the perfect medicinal strain to ease physical stress and pain. It can help you to sleep better while it also said to hello with nausea and loss of appetite. With remarkable calming effects, it can also help to combat stress or depression.

How to Grow LA Confidential Strain

LA Confidential is popular with growers for its resistance to moulds and mildew. This makes it a natural strain for beginners. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that this plant tends to spread out its branches over a wide area, so you might want to consider giving it some space to grow.

Other than that, it almost takes care of itself and produces a nice, average yield of very dense, sticky trichome covered buds.