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Kosher Kush x Lemon Skunk

by DNA Genetics

Golden Lemons is an extra-potent hybrid strain with a distinctive spicy-lemon aroma and effects which are both uplifting and relaxing. Definitely, one to savor.

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Golden Lemons Strain Genetics

Golden Lemons is one of DNA Genetics’ most prized creations, produced by breeding the legendary Kosher Kush with the THC-heavy Lemon Skunk.

Golden Lemons Strain Terpene Profile

As you’d expect Golden Lemons has a powerful lemon-fresh aroma, with spicy herbal undertones from the Kush parentage. When smoked, the inhale is smoothed and balanced with a lemony-sweet flavour reminiscent of hard candies. On the exhale, the spicier skunk elements become pronounced, with a moreish aftertaste. As ever, we recommend using a vaporizer for maximum flavour.

Golden Lemons Strain Effects

Golden Lemon’s powerful parents have produced a strain that can deliver concentrated and long-lasting effects. With a 60/40 balance, the classic indica relaxation is tempered by the energizing, euphoric qualities of the best sativas. Expect an uplifting and creative high that develops into serious full-body relaxation and a general sense of happiness and satisfaction. This may be a good smoke to enjoy with close friends, sharing its stimulating and creative powers before the more soporific effects start to take hold and the mood becomes seriously chilled.

Medical Benefits Golden Lemons Strain

As a supercharged hybrid strain, Golden Lemons is a great choice for users looking for high-strength and long-lasting pain relief – users suffering from chronic pains or serious injury may want to have it in their arsenal. Likewise, if you have trouble sleeping, Golden Berry can provide enough relaxation to ease you into a solid night’s sleep, and the uplifting sativa effects should be enough to keep you alert and focused before bedtime. The all-round calming effects can greatly benefit those who suffer from anxiety, and the mood-enhancing qualities can ease depression and quieten negative thoughts.

How to Grow Golden Lemons Strain

With a hardy Kush lineage like this, Golden Lemons is an extremely resilient grower, adapting to almost any conditions and well-suited to both indoor and outdoor setups. Novices should have no problem getting high yields straight off the bat, while the dense, trichome-frosted buds are sure to delight even the most experienced grower.

Plants reach a medium height and flower in an average of 60 days, so you can easily get several harvests a year with the right planning. Golden Lemon’s resinous buds are well-suited for making crystal-clear extracts and extra-potent hash, and your grow space will be filled with a pleasant citrusy aroma as the plants mature.